Unifying the Blockchain through Applications Sharing – FriendUP to Pioneer a New Echelon of Cloud Software Deployment

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Our living, breathing, open source, cloud based world just got a little more connected. FriendUP, led by Arne Peder Blix of Norway, is recalibrating our understanding of conventional operating systems by connecting, and consolidating blockchain applications, across limiting silos, into a single unified platform. Here’s the white paper if you are curious (you should be

Our living, breathing, open source, cloud based world just got a little more connected. FriendUP, led by Arne Peder Blix of Norway, is recalibrating our understanding of conventional operating systems by connecting, and consolidating blockchain applications, across limiting silos, into a single unified platform.

Here’s the white paper if you are curious (you should be – it’s great.)

FriendUP can be described as blockchain’s first operating system allowing users and developers to sign in with their Friend account and access state of the art blockchain apps, and desktop configurations, through a single customizable interface.   

A robust team supports the mission.

But before we get into the utility of FriendUP, which is what everyone is chasing after in their token investments this 2018, I’d like to first shed some light on words from the founder of this project as I feel that teams are what make the mission for cryptocurrencies and platforms, but more importantly, strong teams tend to follow through on their goals.

Arne recently had the opportunity to sit down with me in Davos and a few things he was saying caught my ear.

Firstly, he touts Norway’s favour towards transparency as being something that he wants to reflect in this platform. I completely agree. The more transparent and available the blockchain is, the more powerful it becomes – literally.

So for him to adhere to this principle puts him leagues ahead of other ICOs launching their tokens from JUST Google docs with extremely opaque missions and mysterious team members – ugh save us all.

Arne’s position, that the inherent values of the blockchain can be reflected in Norwegian day to day principles, is a very strong one. Norway is a social democracy with a very low income disparity between classes, meaning everyone is more or less on the same page when it comes to their community’s direction. I actually take comfort in knowing that the launch is coming from a place that promotes accountability and quality assurance.

Being heavily immersed in fintech for 15 years, Arne made the most logical move and approached the largest banks in Norway about assisting in the ICO process. In turn, FriendUP has literally become the standard in ICO planning and launch for the nation’s budding blockchain ecosystem. So the protocol for ICOs is going to be extremely stringent in Norway, and the nation is looking to make this process a norm, with FriendUP leading the way.

An amazing story of the recognition of ICOs being a powerful way to fund these development projects.

But because of the uncertainty surrounding blockchain technology, Arne reaffirms the need for transparency as people tend to react poorly to things they are unaware of – this also applies to large financial institutions still trying to navigate the market of these cryptographic currencies. Blockchain tech is very new, so the odds are that literally everyone is still learning.

But as Arne points out, not everyone is so eager to learn. This sometimes leads to fear of the unknown, especially concerning technology. So I really appreciated when he said that he believes young people might be able to connect more with a senior group in the realms of investing, and development, along the blockchain as generational gaps close through the cloud. Again, learning is so paramount in this ecosystem. We all must commit to personal education. So as Arne opens up the world of blockchain to Norway, he and his team have begun the process of pioneering a new echelon of application environments through FriendUP.

The Friend Unifying platform is going to be a pioneer on more than one front.

Being a pioneer, on the blockchain frontier in their home nation, could only mean positive things for this coin and its market participants going into the upcoming ICO.

As with all pioneers and trailblazers, fortune favours the bold.

In the video with Coin Telegraph at Davos, he continues to explain that by connecting decentralized technology through token to token integration (token pairing I.E. ETH/TRX), the Friend store will be an agnostic marketplace, like the Google store but cheaper, while also accepting both token and fiat.

A mix and blend of centralized and decentralized currencies (crypto and FIAT) will allow users access to functionality on the platform.

Let’s take a quick look at it.

A virtual computer that you can customize, configure, and cloud.


This is what really caught my eye with the Friends Unified Platform.

I used to work in the I.T. department of a large corporate funded hospital in Toronto almost a decade ago while studying in university. Processing finance, administration and contracts was what I was tasked with all day long before being replaced by system automations.

I can tell you that I have had first hand experience seeing how overwhelmed the department was whenever any new application or software had to be deployed to the network, and additionally, onto user devices.

We’re talking not only millions of dollars just to purchase the application, but in addition, hundreds of working hours on top of premium dollars in I.T. salary, just to get these applications onto the thousands of user devices working on the hospital campus.

Technological silos, throughout enterprise computational environments, are a complete nightmare.

Installing heavy software into already overly complicated computing environments is a monumental challenge for literally every single centralized institution in the world. As technological innovations in our society speed up as time passes, these companies and organizations, that grow larger and larger, are less agile when reacting to changes that are needed for them to continue functioning optimally. Especially when it comes to tech.

So it was great to see that FriendUP will allow anyone to create their own virtual computer in seconds. Once more applications are loaded onto the blockchain that Friend up can assimilate onto its platform, I see many enterprises leaving their user application configurations up to their employees if given the chance.

I am personally interested to see what sort of blockchain healthcare applications will be assimilated onto the FriendUP platform as I personally feel this technology would be amazingly powerful in the hands of healthcare practitioners who need other blockchain technologies, such as telemedicine through Medical Chain, or to access to health records stored on the blockchain.

The possibilities for the FriendUP platform seem limitless once you start to think about how inundated our professional lives have become with so many applications.

The I.T. departments of our organizations are going to be all over FriendUP once the development roadmap matures.

In case you haven’t noticed – I am very strong proponent of functional utility for new coins and their platforms. There are many coins quite literally being printed everyday, so the fact that the FriendUp platform is coming with this much potential, across the board, utility makes me excited to see how the market will react once it hits exchanges.

Friend Cloud Templates – On-boarding made extremely easy.

FriendUP will also allow enterprises the full customization of their own workstation or multiple workstations, using applications on the blockchain, across technology silos that have typically limited efficiency in the past. Applications such as email, web-based apps, windows applications, or even disk space will be able to be customized through the FriendUP platform.

Alternatively, enterprises could also see themselves designing Friend Cloud Computer templates that will allow developers and organizations access to a shared virtual computer that is ready to use moments after logging in. This is another huge kicker as organizations could also create custom configurations for segmented groups for specific tasks, making the on-boarding process for new projects a lot easier, and a lot faster.

Instead of users wasting time on setting up personal accounts for each applications, they will be able to simply focus on tasks because they’ve already logged into a predetermined Friend Cloud Computer Template for their workstation.

Once the millions of I.T. departments across the globe realize how much easier software deployment will be through FriendUp and the blockchain, expect to see some very creative configurations for workstation setups using different platforms of the blockchain ecosystem.

A great way to think of the FriendUp platform is to use the very simple, but always amazing, example of the Power Rangers dino zords.

In this case, each individual dino zord represents a single blockchain application.

And their customization, into a FriendUP cloud computer interface, would be the final Megazord transformation.

Each individual blockchain application is in itself very powerful. They all come with their own sets of utility and function, depending on user needs.

But combining them into a stand alone interface for a specific user profile, group tasks, or an enterprise configuration for a specific tranche of employees, makes the final platform on FriendUP look very different from where we started with just the individual applications.

See more of the Friend project from the head of development architecture, just below:


Or an interview with the CEO on the CNBC of Norway:

“The sum of the whole is greater than its parts” could not describe the potential for FriendUP any better.

Investors would be wise to watch the upcoming ICO dates very carefully.

As I suspect that as soon as more participants learn about what the Friend Unifying Platform mission really is, investors are going to be in for one hell of a treat finding a token with such strong potential for utility, in an industry desperate for solutions.

See Friend’s plans for the future on their comprehensive Roadmap.

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