World of Warcraft Making Gold Guide


One of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of World of Warcraft is making gold. Sometimes, making gold can be a struggle and everything costs money. If you have an ample amount of gold, you can purchase mounts and special armor. This is only a couple of the benefits of making plenty of gold. This goal of this article is to be a making gold guide.

When trying to make money, one of the most important things to do is choose the right profession. There are three good money making professions in World of Warcraft. These are skinning, mining and herbalism. You should try to learn your professions as early as possible so you can level it up more quickly.

The most profitable and easy to use profession is skinning. This skill is easy to level up because World of Warcraft has an abundance of animals that you are able to kill and skin. You can then sell these for a profit to vendors or other players. You will also be gaining experience points for your character to help him level up because you will get experience points for killing these animals.

Mining is a great profession and it is really easy. This is a gathering profession. This is most profitable when you gather rare minerals or ores such as those found in caves. This can make a good amount of money and is easy to do.

Herbalism is another good gathering profession. This is easy to do and easy to level up. You should look for herbs that are more rare so that you are able to sell these for more of a profit.

This making gold guide should help you choose the right professions to get you on your way to being more profitable in World of Warcraft.


Source by Marc W. Andrews

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