Bitcoin Price Struggles to Relciam $9,000 as Sour Market Sentiment Intensifies


These days are not all that fun for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With all markets still in the deep red, it is evident the coming weekend will bring either a lot of relief or tons of joy. The way the Bitcoin price looks right now, we may very well see a small bounce, although reaching $10,000 seems virtually impossible. Never say never in the world of cryptocurrency, though.

Bitcoin Price Struggle is Very Real

It has become rather evident there is a lot more bearish pressure on the cryptocurrency markets than most people had anticipated. Even though the year 2018 has not been all that positive overall, it seems things are only growing worse as time progresses. More specifically, we have seen a total of two major price “crashes” already, and the third one is still in full effect as of right now. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies is well-documented, but this latest dip took a lot of people by surprise.

Even so, the current Bitcoin price is slightly higher compared to what it was just a few hours ago. Ever since this drop from just over $11,000 began, people have been wondering if $10,000 would turn into the new support level. Sadly, that is not the case, as the Bitcoin price kept dropping pretty hard last night and earlier today. When $9,000 was broken, things really started to look dire.

That was not the end of it, though, as the Bitcoin price almost dropped to $8,400 in the process. Thankfully, we are now looking at a value of nearly $9,000 once again, even though it is evident any upward momentum will be pushed down eventually.  Especially with the weekend almost upon us, it seems normal there will be a further Bitcoin price decline on the horizon. This weekend may prove to be different, but few people actively hold out hope in this regard.

Bitcoin still has nearly $8.5m in 24-hour trading volume, which can only be considered to be a good thing. Even if the sellers vastly outweigh the buyers right now, there is a small positive trend forming on the charts. With the recent $500 recovery in a matter of four hours, there’s still plenty of time to turn this ship around once again. Whether or not that will effectively happen, is a different matter altogether.

As ok right now, Bitfinex leads the charts based on Bitcoin trading volume. That is somewhat surprising, as one would expect OKEx to be close to the top as well. Right now, there’s a $370m gap between these two platforms. Binance completes the top three with their BTC/USDT pair, indicating Tether’s token is actively playing a role in the Bitcoin market once again. Rest assured this will cause a lot more speculation moving forward, but for now, it seems to have virtually no positive impact on the Bitcoin price whatsoever.

For the time being, it remains to be seen what the coming days will bring. Further Bitcoin price declines appear to be very likely at this point, although the market will bounce back at some point. When it does, it will probably in the spectacular fashion we have grown accustomed to over the past few years. Right now, things look very brittle and the volatility is far from over. There’s no need to cut one’s losses, though, as this trend won’t be sustained indefinitely.


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The newest cryptocurrency on the block, GINcoin, launches its turnkey masternode platform


TheMerkle IBM Stellar Blockchain Banking

March 8, 2018: A new cryptocurrency, GINcoin, was launched in late February, aiming to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) – regardless of their technical abilities. GIN creators are now launching the GIN platform, allowing investors worldwide to create and maintain their own masternode with a few easy clicks. Their ultimate goal is to democratise the way masternodes are created and, as an effect, prove crypto is here to stay – by making it more user-friendly than paper money.

The future of MasterNode investing

Currently, masternodes are a tough asset to invest in. They’re difficult to set up and (if you’re not a developer) require at least 1 partner with technical knowledge that has to be trusted with everyone’s money. GIN aims to change that by providing each investor having the money power with the technology required to launch their cryptocurrency investing.

The masternode can be launched with a few easy clicks, just like installing and running a regular app or program on your computer. At the moment, this is available for GINcoin only, but we are continuously adding new supported blockchains.

Why GINcoin?

The reason behind the creation of the GINcoin alongside the GIN platform for masternodes, is the necessity of having an autonomous utility token. At the moment, other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be used to pay for server hosting or transactional fees, but in the future investors will be able to use GINcoin to pay for any required fee. Therefore, the aim is that of having a self-governing and self-funding model.

What GINcoin is and other technical information

GINcoin uses a Neoscrypt algorithm to run its processes, having at its core technology built on top of DASH’s. This means that users can perform instant transactions directly from their wallets with the InstantSend function, without having to wait dozens of minutes on end for a confirmation of the transaction. Moreover, GINcoin also offers private transactions, through PrivateSend, ensuring completely anonymous transactions that cannot be traced.

Mining and Blockchains

GINcoin’s blockchain utilize a block time of 2 minutes and offer a reward of 20 GIN per mined block with 50% of the reward going to the masternode and 50% to the miner. This reward decreases by 50% every year. The total number of GINcoin (10,5 million) is expected to be discovered by 2040.

The future?

Individual investors will be able to buy as little as 2,5% of the masternode value and then wait for other investors to buy shares until the total collateral amount is reached. Afterwards, a shared masternode will be launched, allowing people to own masternodes without breaking the bank.

About GIN

GIN creators aim to set the tone for a new age of projects that have their own token and blockchain, encouraging many of the current masternode endeavours to develop into valuable projects.

GINcoin Masternode Platform:
For more details, you can join GINcoin’s Discord channel and get in touch with ghebortz.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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Top Cryptocurrency Online Casino On the Internet

HashFlare has long been respected among cryptocurrency gaming enthusiasts. Their dedicated customer service team has them being called, among many in the crypto gaming community, one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences on the web. Of course there is no physical casino. All of their games and weekly tournaments are on the internet. Regardless, this online gaming magnate has continued to gain trust with cryptocurrency casino gamers.

There are many reasons for being called the top bitcoin casino around. Their industry leading customer service has been long respected as responding to customers questions and concerns quickly, most of the time immediately after the query is placed. This is important to many crypto gamers seeing as there are, most of the time, large sums of money being won and lost on, and other similar platforms. Another reason that is being called a top notch gaming website is it’s standing with popular gaming portals and casino review sites. has proven through tested reviews that it’s services are second to none in crypto gaming.

The website has a very high conversion rate. This means that when players use to satisfy their crypto gaming needs, they return more often than they do to other websites which offer similar services. This brand popularity has contributed greatly to the growing reputation has earned. This reputation for many of it’s customers, and those familiar with cryptocurrency gaming, is that is veritably a premium gaming institution with high end customer service. It’s professional player retention team works hard to keep their customers happy. It appears that customer service is the most important aspect of’s business model.

Another reason that has been called the best bitcoin casino around is it’s payments never being late. On time payments are a guarantee at Their customers rest assured that they will be payed in bitcoin or in their cryptocurrency of choice on the first of each month, without delay. accepts payments in many different cryptocurrencies, these include: bitcoin, bitcoincash, litecoin, and dodgecoin. Withdraws are also available in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including: bitcoin, bitcoincash, litecoin, and dogecoin. While everyone is probably familiar with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and dogecoin are slightly lesser known cryptos. Bitcoin cash was intruduced in August 2017 after concerns were raised about the scalability of bitcoin. It’s current market cap is 19.7 billion USD. Litecoin is a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin. It was introduced in 2011 and has a current market cap of 12.7 billion USD. It’s original author is Charlie Lee. Dogecoin was originally developed as a “joke” currency but gained popularity due to it having the logo of the doge dog internet meme. It surprisingly quickly gained a market capitalization of 60 million USD within a month. Dogecoin’s currenct market cap is 500 million USD.

With making all of these currencies available for deposits or withdrawals it is easy to see why it is chosen by most crypto gamers as their online cryptocurrency casino of choice. Not only can you deposit and withdraw in a variety of crypto curriencies, but your earnings in all of these currencies are unlimited. This is not common with online crypto currency casinos. Not only are your earnings unlimited by they are also completely anonymous. All you need to sign up for is an email address and a bitcoin address to process your payments.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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Japan Bank Consortium Prepares Ripple-Powered Mobile App for Instant Transactions


TheMerkle_Ripple Intelligent Gateway

Ripple has made a lot of positive waves in the financial sector as of late. The company has embarked on an interesting mission to streamline cross-border payments and revamp the entire banking industry. With a new Ripple-powered mobile app to launch in Japan, things are headed in an intriguing direction.

The Ripple Mobile App in Japan

Most people who keep a close eye on Ripple know the company is making inroads in Asia as of right now. Its technology is of great interest to a lot of banks and financial service providers in the region, especially in Japan. A fair few banks are experimenting with this technology right now, although no real-world use cases have been made public so far.

That situation will come to change very soon, thanks to a new Japanese mobile app. Known as MoneyTap, this application is powered by Ripple’s blockchain technology. Customers of any institution that is part of the Japan Bank Consortium will be able to settle transactions instantly, 24/7. It is a big step forward for the banking industry as a whole.

It is also the first mobile application of this magnitude in Japan. Getting different banks to use the same mobile application for this purpose has not been done before. Even though all of these institutions have seen merit in Ripple’s technology, creating a unified banking ecosystem has never been easy, nor will it be for the foreseeable future.

As one would expect, not all of these five dozen banks will go live with this mobile application from the beginning. Instead, only three will take the plunge, with others to follow. SBI Net Sumishin Bank, Resona Bank, and Suruga Bank will be the “guinea pigs” to trial this new Ripple-powered app in the real world. It is expected this will occur at some point during the autumn of 2018, although no specific date has been announced yet.

Assuming this application proves to be successful, banking in Japan will look a lot different in a few months from now. Considering that the Japan Bank Consortium controls over 80% of all banking assets in Japan, this new application will be a complete game-changer for all parties involved. Instant transaction settlement around the clock will be something a lot of customers of these banks will thoroughly appreciate.

It also appears this will be one of the first real-world use cases for the XRP asset in the banking world. Although it is unclear in what capacity the native asset will be used, it seems that XRP is of great importance in instantly settling cross-bank transfers. For the time being, we will have to wait and see how this application performs and evolves. It is a big step in the right direction for Ripple as a company, and it will bring positive attention to what it is doing exactly.


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Grayscale Investments Announces Four New Cryptocurrency Investment Trusts


TheMerkle Grayscale Investment Trust

Exposing more people to the cryptocurrency ecosystem is an ongoing challenge for all companies. So far, the general public has seemingly cooled off on cryptocurrencies ever since their prices started to dip earlier this year. Grayscale Investments will try to make a positive impact in this regard. The company announced four new investment trusts meant to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Grayscale Investments Unveils Bold Plans

No one will deny that Grayscale Investments is attempting to become a household name in the world of cryptocurrency investing. It was one of the first big firms to launch a Bitcoin investment trust, which exposes investors around the world to the Bitcoin price through a traditional investment vehicle. Later, the company launched an Ethereum Classic investment trust as well. That choice has always been considered to be rather controversial, yet it seems to have worked out quite well for the company.

Over time, it has become evident that a lot of investors would appreciate having exposure to different cryptocurrencies as well. This industry is about so much more than just Bitcoin, and Ethereum Classic is not exactly the most popular altcoin out there. In fact, it is taking a backseat to a lot of other coins right now. Grayscale Investments has taken note of this, which is why the company announced a few new investment products this week.

More specifically, the company will launch a total of four new investment trusts in the near future. The new products will focus on Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and XRP. All of these currencies are in very high demand as of right now, although it remains to be seen how the general investor base will respond to these vehicles in the coming weeks and months.

Expanding the list of crypto-related vehicles offered by Grayscale Investments is a big deal for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, although it remains to be seen how this will affect all of the markets. Investors have been demanding more exposure to various cryptocurrencies, although the current market sentiment appears to be rather bearish.

It is important to note that these investment trusts do not guarantee that the value of the individual currencies will rise. As we have seen with the company’s previous offerings, market volatility tends to shake things up quite a bit, although one could also argue these vehicles have indeed spurred more global interest in cryptocurrency as a whole. This news comes at a time when companies are contemplating issuing altcoin-related futures contracts, although nothing has been finalized as of yet.

For the time being, we will have to wait and see how this plays out for Grayscale Investments and the associated cryptocurrencies. All of these altcoins are quite popular, and they all have room for a lot of future profits. No one can guarantee that any of these currencies will rise in value in the short term, but from a long-term perspective, they all appear to be relatively safe bets. 


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Venezuela to Auction off Petro Through Dicom Foreign Exchange Platform


TheMerkle Petro Bolivarian Alliance

Venezuela’s freshly-created cryptocurrency is still in the hot seat. With the country’s parliament declaring this currency illegal yet again, the future of the Petro is in question. Even so, it seems the Petro will be auctioned off to private companies through the Dicom foreign exchange platform over the next few weeks. A batch of conflicting reports only makes this all the more difficult to understand.

What Comes Next for the Petro?

Most people already know that Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency is a very controversial creature in many different ways. After all, it is a new form of money which was created pretty much out of thin air, even though it is allegedly backed by the country’s vast oil reserves. On paper, it also allows the country to bypass any sanctions imposed upon the nation by the United States or any other country.

That is one of the main problems people have with the Petro cryptocurrency. It is an unsanctioned form of money which would allow investors to get a stake in the country’s economy, even though they are not allowed to do so under the current embargoes imposed upon Venezuela. Bypassing these measures – for whatever reason – could lead to major legal repercussions, although it remains to be seen if that will change.

The future looks pretty interesting for the Petro as of right now. According to Venezuela’s vice president, Tareck El Aissami, a new sale of the Petro will commence very soon. More specifically, a fair amount will be auctioned off to private companies through the Dicom foreign exchange platform. This sale is expected to materialize in the coming weeks, although no specific date has been announced just yet.

This development is considered highly controversial for many reasons. For one thing, half of the Venezuelan government has declared the Petro to be an illegal form of money on multiple occasions. The most recent warning was issued just this week, as the government has called the Petro an “illegal debt issue”. The US Treasury Department is not too happy about this new currency either, and it issued a stark warning on the matter not long ago.

When the Petro auctions begin, it will be interesting to see how much interest there is in this particular form of money. Considering how controversial it is already, few international investors may be all that interested in dabbling in this market. Since no one knows how the Petro will function as an actual form of money – let alone a foreign currency – there is no reason to invest in it. Even Venezuelan businesses are not too certain about how the Petro will affect their international transactions.

As long as Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency remains shrouded in controversy and potential legal issues, there will be no global acceptance of this form of money. It is unclear who is buying this currency, or what they hope to achieve by doing so. For now, the Dicom auctions are mainly targeting Venezuelan banks, which can buy the Petro at a big discount. 


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Monero Price Takes a big Beating Amid Market Turmoil


TheMerkle Monero point-of-sale Kasisto

It is not a fun day to be a cryptocurrency holder, but we have to take the good with the bad at all times. Every single major market is in the direct right now, and things will not improve today, by the look of things. Even though the NEM price is an exception, it seems that is the only top currency with a positive trend. The Monero price, for example, is the biggest “loser” in the top 15.

Erasing the Monero Price Gains

Even though it almost seemed as if Monero would become an unstoppable force in the world of cryptocurrency, the momentum has turned against this altcoin. With the Monero price sustaining the biggest losses over the past 24 hours, it has once again become evident how reliant XMR is on the Bitcoin value. This has been a problem for some time now, and it seems the situation is not improving in the slightest.

More specifically, the Monero price has decreased by as much as 11.83% over the past 24 hours. That is a lot higher compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or all other top currencies right now. It is a bit unclear where this bigger decline is coming from, although the Monero price had gained the most value last week. It seems most of those gains have been erased in quick succession, which is never a good sign.

What is also worrisome is how the Monero price is losing the battle in the XMR/BTC department. Thanks to a 6.55% decline, the Bitcoin price drop is only compounded when looking at the Monero price. This trend is not new for Monero, though, as it has been one of the more volatile currencies when the going gets very tough for Bitcoin. It seems history will continue to repeat itself for some time to come in this regard.

Monero Price 0308

With $123.54m in 24-hour trading volume, things look as one would expect for Monero. It is not the most liquid cryptocurrency, mainly due to limited fiat currency market choices. At the same time, the low trading volume has never been much of a problem for Monroe, which will undoubtedly see its value go up soon enough. Hitting that $480 all-time high of a few months ago will prove to be rather difficult, though.

As of right now, Bitfinex is the biggest trading platform for Monero followed by Bithumb and HitBTC. This does mean we have two fiat currency pairs in the top three for XMR, which allows for fresh capital to enter the market. Unfortunately, the sellers vastly outweigh the buyers as of right now, and it will take some time until this trend corrects itself. For the time being, things are not looking abysmal, but not all that great either by any means.

It is a bit unclear what the future will hold for the Monero price as of right now. This volatile up-and-down trend is not entirely surprising at this point in time, but it is never fun to watch cryptocurrencies fluctuate so much. Once all markets recover – which will not be me this week, by the look of things – we may see some interesting Monero price movements. For now, the wild ride will continue, and a further dip to $275 is not unlikely.


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What Is MoneroV?


TheMerkle MoneroV

Forked versions of existing cryptocurrencies have become the new normal. There are multiple forks of Bitcoin in existence, although some altcoins also have their own “offspring”. Monero is about to join this illustrious list, as the MoneroV hard fork is scheduled to occur in about a week.

Why Does MoneroV Exist?

It is evident Monero has gotten a lot of attention due to its focus on anonymity. However, the MoneroV hard fork is a bit odd. The project positions itself as the truly anonymous, decentralized, and finite version of Monero. All existing Monero holders will become MoneroV owners when network block 1,529,8410 is discovered in a few days from now. Whether or not anyone even asked for this fork is a different matter altogether.

Under the Hood

Finding the differences between Monero and MoneroV is not all that easy. Since both currencies focus on anonymity and privacy, they share a lot of similarities. However, MoneroV claims to offer lower transaction fees and improve overall scalability. This is done by implementing the Mimblewimble protocol, which was originally designed to be compatible with Bitcoin. This integration is still in progress, and it remains unclear if this approach will pay off.

With a capped supply of 256 million, MoneroV has a much higher supply than Monero itself, which may or may not be a good thing. It seems MoneroV will use stealth addresses, which may be a step back. It will be good to see which of these two solutions works better in the end.

One major question is whether or not MoneroV will gain any traction as a payment method. Considering that Monero is slowly gaining traction in this regard, any such fork will face a steep challenge. Considering that no exchange will support this hard fork at this time, it will be interesting to see if there is a future for this upcoming hard-forked currency.

The Road Ahead

There is still a lot of work to be done before MoneroV can truly rival the real Monero. For now, its team is focusing on the airdrop, followed by the lightweight wallet and web wallet release. A change in the proof-of-work algorithm will be introduced in Q1 of 2019, although it remains unclear which algorithm will be used from that point forward. The implementation of Mimblewimble will not happen until very late 2019 or early 2020, which means MoneroV’s differentiating features will remain absent for some time to come.


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What Is Vericoin?


TheMerkle Vericoin

There are many different cryptocurrencies out there which most people have forgotten about as of right now. Vericoin is one of those currencies which has been around for quite some time, and it has had some interesting developments. In conjunction with the Verium currency, it is the first dual-blockchain protocol to combine a digital currency with a digital reserve.

What is Vericoin Exactly?

On the surface, Vericoin is another cryptocurrency which tries to succeed where Bitcoin has not. As such, the currency is trying to distinguish itself from most other cryptocurrencies. Its dual-blockchain protocol, known as Binary-Chain, is pretty interesting to keep an eye on. It offers quite a few advantages including fast transactions with lower fees, higher mining rewards, and a focus on CPU mining.

Under the Hood

It is evident there are some interesting aspects to Vericoin. As touched upon before, the Binary-Chain protocol links Vericoin with Verium, and creates a two-way connection between a cryptocurrency and a digital reserve. As such, users can complete transactions within 30 seconds. Verium’s transaction times are also down from five minutes to under half of that, which is a good sign.

With this double-chain approach, Vericoin is able to achieve a greater degree of decentralization as well, which is always a positive development in the world of cryptocurrency. With two different blockchains linked together, achieving complete immutability is far less of a challenge than people might expect at this stage.

Vericoin itself also offers users a way to earn interest by staking coins. It is another way of securing the VRC network as a whole, as well as a way for a lot of people to be part of a different cryptocurrency ecosystem. Verium, on the other hand, is an independent store of value which uses Proof of Work Time as an algorithm. It creates a rather intriguing ecosystem.

The Future of Vericoin

There is still a lot of work to be done as far as Vericoin is concerned. The team is currently working on integrating Verium with P2Pool, which is always a good thing. There is also an improvement coming to Proof of Stake Time 2.0, which should be finalized in the next few weeks. A mobile miner and mobile wallets are also nearing completion and will come to market later this year.


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RxEAL: a Real Solution to a Real Problem in Rental Markets


RxEAL is a new blockchain solution for rental markets that provides a platform for safe security deposit storage. Using the opportunities offered by blockchain-based smart contract technology, RxEAL aims to reduce the high rate of disputes about security deposits that often arise at the end of a rental period. This is not a project that will disrupt rental markets, instead – RxEAL applies new technology to existing real world uses, adding value to service providers and their customers. Currently, the main focus of RxEAL is on real estate and automotive markets, but the solution can be applied to other rental business sectors as well.

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article


Currently, rental transactions require a high degree of trust – typically, the security deposit is stored by the landlord or car rental service, and the paying party has to trust that the deposit is stored securely and will be returned fairly. The owner, in turn, also has to trust that the lessee won’t violate the terms of the agreement.

Data shows that globally almost half of all security deposits are subject to disputes, because the involved parties disagree about how the security deposit should be handled at the end of the rental period. The majority of security deposit disputes are raised on the basis that funds have not been returned or the amount returned was lower than expected. With the currently available solutions, it can take weeks for a lessee to receive their deposit back, and solving these disputes in court is lengthy, complicated and costly for both sides.


The RxEAL solution employs blockchain-based smart contract technology, which eliminates the possibility of breaching the contract terms and thus solves the issue of trust. Security deposits no longer have to be handed over to an unknown lessor, because the funds are securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This solution provides equal control over the deposited funds – any changes or withdrawals from the deposit must be mutually approved.

Also, if a disagreement about the deposited funds does arise, on the RxEAL platform, blockchain technology is used to directly connect independent legal experts with parties involved in a rental agreement. This approach significantly reduces legal costs and time required to solve a dispute.

“RxEAL is creating a product that is applicable in the real business world, not only in the virtual space. It allows the average user to benefit from blockchain technology with no specific technical knowledge. This is one of the reasons why we believe that RxEAL is among the projects that will accelerate cryptocurrency and blockchain mass adoption, because it solves a real, understandable problem in an easy-to-use way,” says Dmitry Orlov, CEO of RxEAL.


  • On the RxEAL platform, users are able to generate smart contracts based on terms both parties have agreed on.  
  • The contract ensures that the deposit amount is stored securely on the Ethereum blockchain throughout the term of the agreement*. Any changes or withdrawals from the deposit must be approved by both parties.
  • On completion of the rental period, the smart contract automatically initiates the payment of the security deposit back to the lessee after adjusting for any mutually approved damage repair charges.
  • In the event of a dispute arising regarding the final split of the deposited funds, the platform will provide decentralized and independent arbitrage conducted by qualified members who earn RxEAL tokens (RXL) for resolving the dispute.

*RxEAL will provide the option to create smart contracts with values indicated in DAI (a cryptocurrency that is price stabilized against the value of the U.S. Dollar) for those users who will want to maintain the value of the deposit relative to fiat currency.


ICO start date: 12th of March, 2018 (12:00 UTC)

ICO end date: 11th of April, 2018 (12:00 UTC)

Token base price: 1 ETH = 1200 RXL

Token sale bonuses: Tier 1 – 50%; Tier 2 – 20%; Tier 3 – 10%; Tier 4 – 0%

Payment methods accepted: ETH

Follow RxEAL on Telegram

More information and registration for the token sale on:


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