Blockchain Platform BitRent Takes Part in BitcoinCRE conference in New York


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The BitcoinCRE conference took place on March 7 in New York. The team had an opportunity to share professional opinions on real estate and crypto-economy.

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U.S. construction-industry is far from perfect. Its productivity is lower today than it was back in 1968, and investments have fallen over the past 10 years. The construction sector productivity has grown at only 1% annually over the past two decades. If nothing changes, the industry will fail to deliver the infrastructure and housing the world needs.

Poor productivity is the main reason of the market decline. Although there are big technological players around the world, construction also has a large number of low-productivity small firms. The procedure of setting up  contracts is quite imperfect. It all leads to disputes and endless changes to the project specifications that are nothing but common.

Construction is a very complex process difficult to control. This sector became a profitable area for corrupt authorities, which leads to the growth of renovations and repairs buildings that are not yet put into operation and schedule overrun.

Underinvestment in technology is another root cause of low productivity. There is a direct linkage between the level of digitization in a sector and its productivity growth rate. In the United States, construction is the second-least digitized industry after agriculture.

Innovation can definitely make an important contribution to fundamentally change this situation.

BIM as a tool to digitize the whole construction sector

BIM (Building Information Modeling or informational modeling of a building) has gained a reputation of  a trusted tool for doing virtual construction. Today the list of projects using BIM is huge. The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles was an early user of BIM and the new Giants stadium in the Meadowlands.

The use of BIM facilitates designing processes at all stages, performing analysis and control of all on-site activities. BIM technology is very detailed about all geometrical features of a building and all its structural elements. Such a complete model makes it possible to see all potential outcomes during construction in advance, assess efficiency rate, compare alternative options in order to focus on the best one and make an accurate schedule of all construction stages.

BIM enables for design and documentation to be done concurrently instead of serially. Schedules, diagrams, drafts, estimating, planning, value engineering and other forms of work are created dynamically while work is progressing.

Besides, the application of BIM technology reduces costs because more work can be done by a smaller team without corrections and renovations. Less time and money are spent in the process and management due to higher document quality and better construction planning.

The platform, based on the BIM technology, was represented at the BitcoinCRE Conference in New York.

BitRent uses BIM solutions to create and collect information about the building under construction at any stage of its existence. This technology allows to reproduce an accurate model on computers and other devices.

BIM is a state-of-the-art building tool capable of reducing costs of each construction project by 20% as well as cutting the completion time by 3 months.

Using BIM, the BitRent platform will achieve the following results:

  • 33% lower costs – reduction in the initial cost of construction and the whole life cost of built assets;
  • 50% faster delivery – reduction in overall time, from inception to completion, for new-built and refurbished assets;
  • 50% lower emissions – reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.

Thus, we believe that utilizing BIM within the BitRent platform in the construction sector will inevitably result in higher quality work, greater speed and productivity and lower costs for building professionals.


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Dean Karakitsos–Founder of Bloqchain Science Joins Zerocoin – Crypto Currency for Gambling


Meet Dean Karakitsos– Digital Visionary, Futurist and Advisor to ZeroEdge Bet

ZeroEdge is right at the cutting edge of many new web-based technologies including cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, digital marketing strategies, smart contracts and more. In order to stay on the sharp edge, ZeroEdge relies on the extraordinary input of several top advisors, all dynamic personalities as well as movers and shakers within their own specific spheres. Dean Karakitsos is the perfect example of the type of advisor that we mean. Dean has over two decades of experience in designing and launching innovative and industry-changing products. He is also the founder and the driving force behind Bloqchain Science, one of the leading authorities on Blockchain technology. We are proud to be associated with this visionary innovator, whose main passion lies in disruptive technology development as well as dynamic business management. With Dean on board as one of our top advisors, we feel fully confident that our industry-breaking vision will not only be realised very shortly, but is guaranteed to change the online gambling industry forever.

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ZeroEdge.Bet – Revolutionary online gambling platform with 0% house edge games

ZeroEdge is a unique concept set to revolutionize the way you gamble online. Currently, all online casino games come with a house edge, i.e. the advantage that the casino has over you, which varies between 1% to 10% or more, depending on the game. ZeroEdge’s solution – offer games with 0% house edge and give players a completely fair chance of winning. In other words, playing at ZeroEdge.Bet is literally free, you don’t have to pay anything to the casino like it’s with traditional online casino sites.

The most amazing part is that Zerocoin value increases as more people join the world first 0% edge gambling platform. It is all achieved by creating a closed-loop economy in which high demand for 0% games drives Zerocoin’s value up. This model is also known as Metcalfe’s law which was originally invented in 1993 and can be seen in the actual Bitcoin’s price growth. Zero Edge offers a unique gambling model which potentially could revolutionise the $70 Billion gambling industry. Players won’t be losing money, but instead earning from the increasing Zerocoin value.

We have made a survey & asked hundreds of people about their gambling preferences & experiencies.  The main finding was that 99 % of them stated that they would choose 0% house edge games to play if such games were available. High demand for the world’s first 0% house edge games will increase the Zerocoin value exponentially. An important task for us will be to educate the players and raise their attention on this beneficial concept.

Zerocoins (ZERO) will be available to investors during an upcoming ICO. Visit to find out more.


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Player Wins Big Again with 8.968 Bitcoin Jackpot at


A user has hit it big again on the game Chunjie. Chunjie is a chinese themed slot game in high resolution offered to players by It has seen major winnings over the past few months with players like “JJ” (whose point total can be seen on the tournament/player points totals board on the website). JJ has had multiple jackpot wins in Chunjie with his latest one being 8.968 BTC, or $110,000 USD. His huge win occured on the 30th of January 2017. has long had a history of huge winnings such as this one. The online cryptocurrency casino offers jackpot winnings of up to 4923,313 mBTC in total jackpots. has been voted the best bitcoin casino in the world multiple times. It has also been voted by customers as the best Dogecoin casino in the world, and the best Litecoin casino of 2018. has a long history of satisfying customers and huge jackpot wins such as this one. User “JJ’s” win on January 30th, 2017 was not the first huge jackpot win but only the latest in a long list of jackpot wins over $100,000 USD. not only offers the high resolution slot game Chinjie. There are over 155 different, high resolution slot games available on All of these have been meticulously tested for functionality and player enjoyment by the testing team at The games go through a testing process that involves online gamers playing them for months before they are finally added to the game list for the long term. Any player complaint about the game or any other aspect of is promptly answered by the award winning customer service team at The customer service team at is an industry leading customer service department that offers the fastest response times out of any online cryptocurrency casino in the world. They offer responses immediately for any and all questions about the cryptocurrency casino website or even general questions such as of the price of any of the coins they accept.

When player JJ was asked what he would do with his earnings he said that he did not know. It is probable that he will reinvest it in playing more Chunjie because he has been winning huge in recent months. He is the top ranked player on the player points board with 13,334 points. He may also choose to reinvest the $100,000 dollars worth of bitcoin back into bitcoin, or just hold on to the coins in his bitcoin wallet, and watch the price of bitcoin rise back up to the $20,000 price. Recent months have seen a drastic decline in the price of bitcoin with it falling from $20,000 to the eighty-five hundred mark within a few short weeks. This devastating crash has hit the bitcoin wallets of many loyal investors. However, many experts at renown institutions like Morgan Stanley have stated that they are not worried about the price of bitcoin rebounding and that we should see it reach well over the $20,000 price point within the next few years. Crashes such as these are expected with stocks and in the Forex markets. When a stock or a forex pair rises too quickly investors pull out expecting a pullback, this triggers a chain reaction of pullouts and investor sentiment turns negative towards the stock.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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From Unicorns to the Moon: Mining, Posting, Hosting and Sharing Adult Content for Coins


If you think that you have seen it all, done it all, and enjoyed it all in the vast world of adult entertainment and believe that nothing is new, exciting, fresh or worth your time and attention, check this one:

While there are plenty of ICOs that claim to be ‘revolutionizing adult entertainment’ and many adult tokens around, LEONS takes it all further from UNICORNIA to the “MOON”, live.

It all starts with more than thirty different and unique sites with exclusive, original and mainly never before seen content on LEONS.WORLD, backed by a strong team and partners with a track record of producing, directing, filming and distributing top-of-the-class adult content for years across multiple sites in Europe and the US, which has its own unique platform, developing already more than 2 years to come to life: The ISLAND (, a unique blockchain-based ecosystem, backed by its own community, software, apps and Decentralized Apps, on which creating, hosting, uploading and sharing legal and original content will be rewarded in coins, which has its own properties, resorts, dating-meeting points, Arenas, Shopping Centers, private houses and areas for your own pleasure, stable and trade center for your unicorns that are given to users automatically when they step on the island alongside a unique part of the Moon (yes, our moon, on which you will be able to see where is your part with the help of Augmented Reality, from your phone camera, your neighbors and use your own part to put your name, sell, trade or use it), marketplace for trading assets and items, black forest for more darker adventures and even its own “Iron Bank” for your coins and even a space center, where you can fulfil all your desires, dreams and fantasies anonymously with limitless possibilities like enjoying the private parties, adventures, games, contests, and everything else available while having the chance to earn more coins and convert them into fiat currency or other currencies already.

While Riding your Unicorn on an Island on the clouds, Use Your Unused Disk Space, Post or Mine Adult Content to earn Coins in return – This is how the future looks like in adult entertainment

From having your very own Unicorn, which is based on an ERC-721 token, a unique, non-destroyable, non-fungible, upgradeable, one of a kind, souvenir like unique feature that ties together the whole experience on the ISLAND,  from UNICORNIA, which acts both as means of transportation around it and lets you earn more LEONS to buying, renting and customizing a piece of the real moon on MOON.LIVE – these are just some of the innovations that users will find in LEONS Ecosystem.

The unique build and progress of the LEONS, being developed as a unique structure of affiliate partners and sites with exclusive content, and virtual worlds combined, reveals a digital world of adventure, fun and mischief that turns adult entertainment into a real quest of what’s possible and how far you can go.

And now: KISSES for your #blockchain

After last month´s merger with another unique and interesting project KISSES COIN, LEONS seems now doubled in size and in potential. KISSES TECHNOLOGY (Group) s.r.o. (LLC equal, based in Prague an established company: started an ICO for their unique coin KISSES COIN ( with a very promising team and platform, already partly developed with many great concepts and ideas.  Right after the beginning of their ICO, “Leon Lambert” acquired the company and hired the whole team to work for LEONS only. And it didn’t stop there –two more great partners in the face of FrontCamToken ( with their PyGama Party app ( joined in to strengthen the new ecosystem of LEONS COIN.

Leon Lambert, Founder and CEO of Leon Lambert s.r.o. company, says about Leon´s Coin and LEONS Ecosystem that:

“..after all, LEONS is an electric roadster, a Lambo, a luxurious but affordable AI vehicle for your comfort in the coming years, when people will be taken by surprise by Horse Carriage Cars -today´s adult entertainment-, and think that is comfortable and nice as they move slowly while experiencing horse noises on rocky roads.”

LEONS sale starts on 12 March with many interesting offers, which has the potential to be the next big thing for many investors.

Check the website, for more information about the whole ecosystem, UNICORNIA, MOON.LIVE, The ISLAND, software, LEONS DEBIT CARD and LEONS ICO, Bounty and Affiliate programs.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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First Nordic Shipping ICO Announced


Danish company Blockshipping, the creators of the Global Shared Container Platform, (GSCP), announces ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

GSCP will allow the global container shipping industry to save USD 5.7bn annually through smarter handling of intermodal freight containers.

Additionally, wide adoption of the platform will result in a substantial reduction of the global CO2 emissions of 4.6 million tons annually when fully utilized.

Copenhagen, March 9, 2018 – The container shipping industry today accounts for around 60 percent of all the world’s seaborne trade, but this hugely valuable industry has been troubled for years by challenges such as overcapacity, low freight rates, security threats, and increasing environmental regulations.

The global shipping industry needs increased efficiency and a fundamental digital transformation to ensure profitability in the future and to comply with environmental regulations.

Digital Transformation

Blockshipping is creating the GSCP platform, which will be both the first real-time registry of the world’s approximately 27 million shipping containers and a joint platform for all players in the container shipping industry – allowing them to efficiently perform a wide range of transactions related to the handling of containers globally.

The GSCP platform will be based on blockchain and modern sensor technology, and it has the potential to reduce costs for the global shipping industry to the tune of USD 5.7bn annually and reduce the global CO2 emission by more than 4.6 million tons every year.

The Founder and CEO of Blockshipping, Peter Ludvigsen, who has been in the container industry for 39 years as a CIO for Maersk Line and a consultant for other leading shipping companies, explains:

“In 2017, the world’s huge fleet of containers was used for transporting of all kinds of goods of a total value of around USD 12 trillion. But the problem is that we have no central registry of the many millions of containers constantly shifting location, incurring payments, and changing ownership. And this lack of real-time tracking results in a huge number of empty containers being moved around unnecessarily.”

“The GSCP platform is the answer to the problem of the missing global real-time container registry. And in addition, the GSCP will be the preferred global trading platform for all kinds of services related to container handling between a wide range of shipping industry players.”

First Nordic shipping ICO

The GSCP ICO offers contributors a unique set of token features including the benefits of a Revenue Sharing Model as well as a Market Maker Fund that allows ICO contributors to sell their coins back to the platform at a floor price until Blockshipping has met certain fixed milestones in the development of the GSCP platform.

The ICO pre-sale by invitation has started now, and the public token sale opens on April 15, 2018.

The GSCP ICO announced today is the first shipping related ICO conducted in the Nordic region.

“The GSCP platform is already funded by private angels and The Danish Maritime Foundation. But to further accelerate the development and adoption of the platform we are now conducting an ICO,” says Peter Ludvigsen, who continues:

“It is important to emphasise that Blockshipping’s GSCP ICO is based on a real-life business case validated by key stakeholders in the shipping industry and based on real and well-defined savings and benefits for the shipping industry as well as for the environment.”

Unique Token Features

After studying numerous ICOs on the market, Blockshipping has created a token model that includes a unique set of features for the benefit of the ICO contributors.

The token model involves the issuance of two different tokens:

  • The internal utility token, Container Platform Token – CPT
  • The external Revenue Share Token, Container Crypto Coin – CCC

CPT will be used for clearing and settlement of transactions between the users of the platform. These transactions will cover the many different services and fees related to global container handling. A percentage of the revenue from these transactions goes to a Revenue Share Pool and is passed on to the owners of the CCC tokens once a month via a reverse Dutch auction on the Ethereum blockchain.

The GSCP token model also includes a unique ICO Market Maker Fund which allows everyone who acquires CCCs during the ICO to sell their coins back to GSCP at a floor price if they regret their contribution. Selling back CCCs is possible until Blockshipping has met certain fixed milestones in the development of the GSCP platform. Afterwards the money in the Market Maker Fund is released for further development of the GSCP platform.

First ICO based on The ICO 2.0 Framework

Blockshipping’s ICO is not only the first Nordic shipping-related ICO. It is also the first ICO to be based on a new Danish framework called The ICO 2.0 Framework, which will be launched in the next two months.

The purpose of the upcoming ICO 2.0 Framework is to increase the quality standards for ICOs making sure that future Danish ICOs:

    1. are 100% compliant with Danish law
    2. aim at the highest standards in terms of security and quality of coding
    3. promote openness, transparency and honesty
    4. follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to communications and relationship management with the ICO stakeholder groups.

The ICO 2.0 Framework is being created by the leading Danish law firm Kammeradvokaten/Poul Schmith in collaboration with the Nordic fintech advisory firm Norfico.

How to participate in the ICO?

The ICO pre-sale by invitation only starts today and the public token sale opens April 15. Potential contributors should register via the website Here, you can also read the white paper and sign up for Blockshipping’s newsletter. On the website you can also find the detailed white paper explains the project in great detail.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Juul Rugaard


Telephone: +45 44 40 31 32


This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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Introducing BITRUST: the first crypto currency insurance platform


A story of BITRUST started with a problem which gathered a team of blockchain enthusiasts to solve it — to have an affordable tool for hedging cryptocurrency trading transactions. And it is true, with the altcoins market volatility we have faced these few months it is obvious that everything is ready for such product to come about. In this blog we will tell in more detail about what BITRUST offers and why it is needed.  

The idea

Altcoins are highly volatile — the total market cap hyped by 10,000% starting in 2013 and right up until its downturn this January. Moreover, how extremely complex it is to forecast these market fluctuations! And this is exactly why market was calling out for something like BITRUST — to solve the real issue of altcoin volatility for small and medium investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

“On one hand the market volatility is skyrocking, and on the other — the interest in cryptocurrencies and the value behind blockchain technology is really growing. More and more people talk about it everyday. It means that already this year a lot of people will want to join the movement, learn more about crypto world and also participate in its development. We are looking at the few year long market adjustment and growth period ahead of us and we believe that BITRUST is the type of project which will heavily contribute into such adjustment,” says company’s CEO Alex Duhamel.

Alex adds: “With BITRUST you don’t have to accept all the risk when trading altcoins. You can easily mitigate it, moreover — in a convenient fashion and at an affordable price. Imagine you could have such possibility to do this now?!”     

BITRUST product

BITRUST is a peer-to-peer Ethereum-based, decentralized cryptocurrency insurance platform. Each smart contract can involve two or more parties and it works like this:

For example, I’d like to ensure against ETH (with a value of $100) dropping in price by 30% against BTC for a period of 96 hours. I am willing to pay in digital currencies an equivalent of $5 as an insurance and claim an equivalent of $15 in case the price drops to $70 or below. My counterpart then has to agree to these proposed terms or make a counter offer proposing slightly amended terms.  

Then we lock our agreed sums in a BITRUST smart contract. I lock an equivalent of $5 (insurance cost) and my counterpart locks an equivalent of $15 (insurance body). The total BITRUST smart contract then will be equivalent to $20.

In 96 hours, if the ETH token drops by 30% against BTC, the BITRUST smart contract executes a pre-agreed deal and sends the equivalent of $20 to me: $5 of insurance fee plus $15 of the actual insurance body. In the opposite case the equivalent of $20 is sent to the other side.  

The buyer and the seller of insurance both lock their funds in BITRUST tokens (BTFs) or a certain set of other cryptocurrencies that will be permitted by BITRUST platform. However, there is a great motivation to use BTFs in particular.  

BITRUST business model

The company intends to provide real value for holders of BTFs on the secondary market and reward early investors. That is why they will charge a fee of only 0.1% against a total amount locked in a BTF smart contract (in case of our example above it would have been 2 cents) only when the entire deal is conducted in BTFs. This is a discount of 80% of the regular fee — isn’t it a strong incentive to use BTF tokens?!

Read more about the BTF value, token allocation and projected financials in BITRUST white paper.

BITRUST philosophy

BITRUST philosophy is simple — to be fast and flexible, open to feedback and making sure the company has the extraordinary team of professionals to design a product offering a flawless user experience.

Company’s Head of Operations Arthur Lots puts it in his own words: “For us these words really mean a lot. It’s not just about being flexible — it’s “be flexible or die”. It’s not just about being open — it’s knowing that feedback is priceless. When you build your company from ground up and you really invest into each and every inch of its growth, you don’t compromise. You just can’t.”  


At its disposal BITRUST has it all — professionals in cryptocurrency, insurance operations and compliance, blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies, artificial intelligence, internet marketing and economics, politics and public relations. The management team has already achieved several milestones such as having all infrastructure in place to develop the BITRUST platform, including headquarters, IT support, and hiring a top team of software developers.

“I really would like to talk more about our people here. This is the team which has proven itself on developing other projects. As the leadership core of BITRUST is comprised from serial entrepreneurs from different sectors like finance and banking, trading and strategic business consulting, we were able to gather a team from the experts we have known and worked with before. They might not be the people who have immediate recognition on the internet, however they have more than that — ability to work with t he utmost focus and commitment on the product, which will change cryptocurrency trading as we know it,” Sergey Silin, the company’s CTO gives a vote of confidence to his team (we have introduced some key developers previously, you can also find information about the whole team here).   

BITRUST community

BITRUST is a vocal advocate of building a community around each blockchain product. They’d love to get your opinion and communicate with everyone willing to start a discussion. So, do not hesitate to join BITRUST Telegram channel and ask more questions if you have any.

To finance the development and launch of the BITRUST platform, a limited-supply sale of BITRUST tokens (BTFs) will be created by BTF Project Limited. The sale will start on 5th of March — see more information about the BITRUST ICO structure and the company here.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Medium to be the first to find out about BITRUST development news and everything else that’s important in crypto world!

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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Top 5 Crypto Fails of 2018


TheMerkle_Bitcon Failed 2016

2018 has been rough for cryptocurrencies as a whole, with coins across the board seeing significant losses and general interest in the sphere gradually declining. However, there are a number of projects that have stuck out as performing particularly badly in the first quarter. Here are five of the biggest fails:

5. Verge (XVG) Wraith Protocol Launch

While Verge’s major development, the Wraith Protocol, was slated to launch at the tail end of 2017, several delays pushed the actual release of the development into early January of this year. While supporters and speculators were highly anxious to see the actualities of Wraith, most were left disappointed with what was put forth by the developers. While Wraith does offer an interesting feature – optional privacy – the protocol’s attempt at providing anonymity is questionable at best.

It was also revealed that some of Verge’s code base was copied from OpalCoin, a pet project of “Bitcoin Kid”, 14-year-old cryptocurrency developer Whit Jack. Since recording a high of just under 1,500 Satoshi in early January, XVG has dropped by over 70% against Bitcoin.

4. VeChain /r/Cryptocurrency ban

In an effort to combat astro-turfing and coordinated vote manipulation, moderators of /r/Cryptocurrency put forth a policy of suspending and banning coins involved in malicious practices on the subreddit. After evidence was provided that indicated team members behind VeChain (VEN) had been directing community members to upvote certain posts, the coin received a ban for the month of February.

This was the first ban handed out by /r/cryptocurrency, and seems to have sent a strong message to other teams enacting questionable practices. During the time of the ban, mentions of VeChain and posts regarding the cryptocurrency were removed or deleted. Strangely enough, VEN maintained its value against BTC throughout February, instead seeing a significant decline during the first week of March of about 30% for its BTC pair.


The most controversial project in cryptocurrency discontinued its “lending” program, which promised daily dividends from Bitconnect Coin (BCC), in January. The price instantly plummeted by more than 90%, and continues to drop. BCC is currently trading more than 99% lower than it was prior to the discontinuation of the program.

The team behind Bitconnect, as well as major supporters of the Ponzi scheme are currently facing a class action lawsuit currently worth over US$750,000 and growing.

2. Waltonchain PR fiasco

After someone behind the Waltonchain (WTC) Twitter account forgot to switch accounts when responding as a “winner” to a Valentine’s Day giveaway, the entire cryptosphere entered a frenzy as WTC ousted itself for rigging a giveaway. While it has been proven that a majority of the other winners were real and only about US$50 was handed out to each winner, the implications behind the scandal are massive. WTC’s price dropped by more than 20% in the day following the tweet, and continued to slide for the next several days.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of the screw-up. On March 6, a key partnership with Chinese corporate giant Alibaba helped the price recover to a value greater than that prior to the giveaway tweet. However, after significant discussion within the community in regards to the legitimacy of the announcement, official announcements were deleted and replaced with the below tweet. The second controversial tweet in just over a week sent the coin tumbling once more, and it’s still continuing its downward spiral.

1. BitGrail Hack

In October 2017, BitGrail, one of the leading exchanges for Nano trading, was hacked, resulting in 17 million NANO being stolen. Rather than being addressed, the hack was ignored at the discretion of BitGrail’s CEO, “The Bomber”, until late January, when it was likely that the exchange began to experience solvency issues. BitGrail halted withdrawals and urged the Nano core team to fork its own blockchain to mitigate the hack. Unfortunately, as “The Bomber” refused to work with the Nano development team for months after the hack, there was little that could  be done.

When news of the hack surfaced, the price of NANO plummeted by more than 50%. Beyond this, investors who had kept their holdings on BitGrail saw their investments vanish overnight. For many early adopters of the coin who had not yet sold, these losses amounted to life-changing amounts of money. The owner of BitGrail was anything but sympathetic, and interactions with the community and concerned onlookers regarding the hack have primarily consisted of bashing and trolling.



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What Is Delphy?


While they’re not talked about all that much, prediction markets have always been an important part of financial domains globally. However, with the introduction of the blockchain, conventional trading setups are witnessing an overhaul, with future trends and predictions now subject to new decentralized mechanics.

Delphy is an all-new blockchain-based prediction market that allows users to bet on real-world events. With its blockchain design, the platform is able to completely eliminate elements of uncertainty, thereby allowing users to:

  • Forecast real-world events
  • Trade predictions

In terms of its usability, Delphy brings together two highly complex domains — crypto and prediction betting — and presents them in a palatable fashion that allows for more efficiency and less financial risk.

Also, while there might be other prediction markets available for use across the globe today, Delphy is one of the only such services available in China.

Additionally, Delphy serves as an excellent social platform where investors can come together and create their own betting markets. Owing to its highly intuitive and simple UI, this service has made it easy for digital asset owners to make accurate decisions regarding their alt-currency holdings using a novel setup.

Overview of Delphy

  • Core governance module is completely decentralized.
  • Promotes information sharing among participants, thereby reducing the risk of scams and fraud.
  • Has been built with an added focus on smartphone usability.
  • Allows predictions to be placed on real-world events.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

Delphy is based entirely on the Ethereum blockchain and makes use of a localized service client called LES which allows for better remote accessibility. Additionally, the platform also utilizes a P2P protocol that facilitates direct interaction between various nodes on the blockchain. As a result, Delphy is able to scale up or down as needed.

Overview of the architecture employed by Delphy (courtesy of the official whitepaper)

It should also be mentioned that this platform allows users to create markets using the same event but with different preferences. For example, each betting market can have niche trading aspects such as:

  • Varying loss limits
  • Different deposit amounts
  • Malleable delivery rates
  • Unique dispute arbitration mechanisms

Additionally, Delphy utilizes an event filter designed to weed out illegal or unethical events, such as predictions pertaining to someone’s assassination or the overthrowing of a national government. All of the predictions that are published on the marketplace go through regulatory and legal checks before they are made open to potential investors.


Visual representation of how prediction markets and events work on the platform

Lastly, this platform also acts as a social interface where network participants can come together and chat with one another. Not only that, there is also a P2P payment module built into the system that allows for instant money transfers.

How Delphy works

To start off with, Delphy uses an open-source framework that is not only decentralized but also makes use of smart contracts to facilitate internal transactions. These pre-defined contracts are also used for other purposes such as:

  • Issuance of native DPY tokens
  • Creation of specialized prediction markets and events
  • Implementation of oracles and event filters
  • Execution of pricing, trading and matching events

A simplified illustration of DPY token mechanics

Another major aspect of this platform is its use of a decentralized file management system called Swarm. This protocol helps streamline the storage of static data sets as well as metadata pertaining to specific events and prediction markets. As a result, mobile devices are able to access Delphy in a highly efficient manner.

As mentioned earlier, Delphy makes use of a technology called Light Ethereum Subprotocol. LES is a mechanism which allows the head of a block to be downloaded instead of the entire block during the synchronization process. This helps in increasing users’ access to information as well as enabling better remote operability.

About the project

Since its inception, Delphy has garnered a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts across the globe.

The founder of this project is Bo Wang. Bo holds a master’s degree in information economics from the University of Michigan and is also the person behind Factom, a digital blockchain engineering firm based in Austin, Texas.

Bill Shiwu is the backend dev for this platform. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bill is an expert in the field of 3D game engine design and has previously worked with some of China’s largest video game publishers. Lastly, Jerry Qinggang is the lead tech for Delphy. He has previously served as a staff engineer for various IoT and cloud computing ventures within China and East Asia. His other areas of expertise include:

  • Hyperledger & Fabric
  • JavaCard and N3 cryptographic algorithms

Token Performance History

Since Delphy tokens have only been on the market for a little over four months, it can be hard to assess their full future potential.

DPY token lifetime performance chart (courtesy of Coinmarketcap)

Upon its release, the value of a single DPY token was around US$0.81. The currency hit its all-time high on the 5th of January when the price of a single coin rose to an impressive US$4.58. However, as of March 9, the price of DPY currently stands at US$1.19 per token.

Final Thoughts

While the technology used by Delphy may not be novel, the fact that the developers of this platform are targeting an Asian audience could be what really sets this product apart from the rest. Since betting is a big part of many Asian cultures, it will be interesting to see how that market responds to such a blockchain service.

Even though the performance of DPY has been quite strong up to now, potential investors should still do a bit of research on their own before they go big on this currency.

If you would like to start investing in Delphy, DPY trading pairs are currently being offered on OKEx and


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Bitcoin.Casino – Offering Extensive Bitcoin Casino Reviews


tips for choosing an online casino

During the last couple of years, the bitcoin casino market has rapidly grown, as numerous companies and players noticed that there are significant benefits associated to gambling via bitcoin, when compared to traditional currencies.

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Because of the growing number of crypto-based casinos, finding the right one has become quite the treasure hunt, as player expectations tend to vary, and most casinos do not offer the same experience.

Bitcoin.Casino represents a popular website, which provides reviews of all online casinos currently accepting bitcoin for deposit. The website’s mission is to provide reliable and unbiased reviews of bitcoin-accepting casinos, remain updated at all times, keep players up-to-date with the policies and trust status of gambling websites, offer gaming resources to improve strategy and gambling skills, and last but not least, give players access to the latest bonus codes.

When it comes down to their reviews, Bitcoin.Casino has strict editorial guidelines, meant to assure that relevant and correct information is provided at all times. With this in mind, Bitcoin.Casino checks multiple aspects prior to publishing a review. Some of these include: user-friendliness, whether the design is functional for players, how easy it is to sign-up for an account, any unique features, shuffling support, house edge, mobile apps, customer support responsiveness, and more.

Apart from the features that have been outlined so far, players will be able to enjoy free casino games, such as slots and blackjack, by being offered 1,000 free casino chips, hence no need to wager any money.

Additionally, Bitcoin.Casino also provides readers with an extensive list of digital currency wallets, which can be used safely when gambling.

Not many are aware of this, but Bitcoin.Casino has set the record for the highest price paid for a .casino domain until now. This happened back in February 2017, when the domain was purchased for $28,000.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, those who are curious in reading the reviews, can head to Bitcoin.Casino.


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4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Cryptocurrency


TheMerkle Cryptocurrency Misconceptions

The phenomenon known as cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of attention. Plenty of people are looking for up-to-date information regarding this new form of money. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin and altcoins. Let’s dispel a few of the more common ones.

4. Governments can Control Cryptocurrency

Even though some governments may want people to think they control and regulate cryptocurrencies, that is far from the case, as cryptocurrency cannot be regulated or controlled by default. Companies providing solutions related to this new form of money, on the other hand, are subject to existing guidelines which apply to other financial service providers as well. The flow of money in the cryptocurrency world is not controlled by any central authority, nor will it ever be.

3. I need to buy a Whole Coin

Even though it makes perfect sense for most people to buy one full Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and whatnot, it is not necessary. For those who want to invest a very marginal amount of money into cryptocurrency, every coin can be divided using the eight digits after the decimal. This means one can buy a very, very tiny fraction of one coin and still be considered an active cryptocurrency investor.

Buying 0.001 XRP, of course, will not get you a lot of profit. This principle is valuable to explore when dealing with low-supply coins, whereas currencies with billions of coins or tokens in circulation usually warrant the purchase of one full coin or token due to their much lower price.

2. Bitcoin is for Criminals

It has become evident that criminals all over the world have taken a strong liking to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In most cases, the reason for doing so is completely wrong, as Bitcoin is not anonymous, nor are most of the other currencies. There are some exceptions in this regard, as a few cryptocurrencies do focus on anonymity and privacy. In the case of Bitcoin, those traits are notoriously absent, and they will be for quite some time.

Even with anonymity and privacy, criminals are not the ones to benefit from such features the most. Everyone on this planet who enjoys having a say over their own money should cherish financial privacy and anonymity first and foremost. It is not about having something to hide, but rather about being in control of your money and it not being anyone else’s business. Criminals just want financial gain, and they will pursue any avenue possible – including cryptocurrencies, unfortunately.

1. The Prices are too High / Bubble Markets

The current global interest in cryptocurrency should not be underestimated whatsoever. Even though the prices rose quite a lot last year – and dropped this year – it is evident there is still a lot of market momentum left in the tank. Any comments regarding how cryptocurrency is in a bubble can easily be ignored as well, as that is factually incorrect. There are financial bubbles to be wary of, but they do not apply to cryptocurrencies as of right now.


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