Bitcoin Gambling Site Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin & Doge


It is fitting that a casino with a name like would accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of deposit. The casino has long been an advocate for allowing deposits of Bitcoin onto the platform. Now, it is taking the extra step and allowing for the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin Cash to go along as well.

Bitcoin Cash broke away from Bitcoin itself and has become its own thing. However, a lot of merchants and others have been slow to adopt it or accept it as a form of payment. They are simply behind the times when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They are not paying nearly enough attention to the way that the world is moving. It is a common issue for a lot of people.

Unfortunate though it may be, without acceptance from merchants, it is difficult to get a cryptocurrency to gain much traction at all. This is why it is such exciting news that has decided to start accepting this form of payment.

In general, the casino industry has also been slow to accept Bitcoin Cash as a means of deposit. Most of the casinos cite a concern that they might confuse their players given the similarities between the name of Bitcoin Cash and regular Bitcoin. However, players are telling these casinos that they actually want the opportunity to play at these casinos with as many means of deposit as possible. The casinos need to listen to what their players are saying.

There are numerous advantages to Bitcoin Cash in comparison to Bitcoin or credit cards. The transactions are faster, the fees are lower, and customer satisfaction is very high. It seems that there is little to fear with accepting this type of currency.

Once more casinos realize all of these different benefits the acceptance rate for Bitcoin Cash should continue to increase. In the meantime it is just a waiting game for those who would like to play with this type of currency. now makes it possible for their players to enjoy the game play with this type of currency. They can wager Bitcoin Cash deposits on popular classics like slots, roulette, blackjack, and more. Mostly any kind of game that you could find in a traditional casino is available at Given that is the case, why not use this casino instead of some of the others that are out there? It is better than trying to play with cash at a casino that you have to travel to in order to go play in the first place.

Many Americans (and others) do not have a casino that is near them geographically. There are different laws in different areas that may not permit this kind of activity in the first place. As such, it is nice to know that online casinos like this exist that can be accessed to help a person who wants to play the games have the opportunity to do exactly that. Now that it is accepting Bitcoin Cash as well it is all the better of an opportunity.

Considering all of this, it is quite clear that is at least worth a look around for all of the improvements that it has over rivals who have not put into play some of the things already mentioned. Give it a look today.

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ValueCash Launches ICO Backed By Decentralized & Self-Governing Blockchain That Allows Users To Earn Tokens While Using Crypto To Pay For Goods & Services


Many credit card companies offer the moon to consumers such as free gifts or reward spending programs, but those perks seemed to be missing in the world of Cryptocurrency, that is, until now. ValueCash is the first Cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem that rewards its users’ earnings and spending.

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 28th 2018, ValueCash announced this week that they will be launching an Initial Coin Offering that is sure to stir up the competition in the world of cryptocurrency trading. ValueCash is a decentralized cryptocurrency and exchange where its token holders can make payments for goods and services while simultaneously earning new ValueCash through their purchase and acceptance. ValueCash is doing something never done before by offering rewards based on spending and other ICO’s are taking notice.

The ValueCash team has over 15 years of experience and is comprised of Developers, IT Consultants, Entreprenuers and Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts. The ValueCash Ecosystem is designed to contribute its Distinct Protocol as a key component of the growing Crypto-Economy and a market driving catalyst to reform the existing status quo of the Commerce, Exchange, Escrow Sector and Blockchain Technology as a whole. ValueCash is limited; Decentralized, and Community Driven Cryptocurrency that allows anyone to earn substantial rewards on a successful transaction. ValueCash can be obtained through The PoT Protocol “Proof of Trade”, The POS “Proof of Stake”, and Buying. The PoT protocol is configured to put power into the hands of the Crypto-Community by becoming Validators of their transactions, while also creating 10% new ValueCash coin as a reward.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for ValueCash was quoted as saying, “Cryptocurrency investors and users are going to love this ICO! Unlike other cryptocurrencies, we offer rewards to our users which will have consumers flocking to our exchange. The more users we have, the higher our token price goes, the happier our investors are! It’s an exciting time to be a part of ValueCash.” He went on to say, “We also kept our end users in mind and have been able to develop a blockchain with unmatched speed, security and of course NO transaction fees.”

The ValueCash ICO will open for public sales on March 5th 2018. At that time 2 Million tokens will become available at a cost of $1.00 USD per token. Bonuses will also be given out depending on the stage token purchases are made. Once all tokens have been sold the ICO will close.

To learn more about the ValueCash ICO visit their official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here. You can also speak directly with the Team by clicking here.

Media Contact:

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Instagram —

PoT Protocol Video:

Email: – 

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Hamster Marketplace’s Experience in Creating Community


The success of any modern project is to some extent measured by the size of its audience. That is what defines how profitable and powerful the proposed service, product, or app will be. The Hamster Marketplace team has developed its own strategy for attracting and retaining users and forming a community around the marketplace, a strategy we will share in this post.

Kickstarter Startups and Their Audience

Hamster Marketplace is oriented toward recent crowdfunding projects from Kickstarter and other similar platforms. According to our estimates, each Kickstarter project in the electronics category has an average audience of 1380 people. If a partnership began between such a vendor and Hamster Marketplace, the former could bring along about one third of its own audience, which is about 460 people. We are citing the most pessimistic figures here to avoid setting these expectations too high.

By attracting their own users, the electronics manufacturers acquire an understandable and convenient retail platform and are freed from the expenses associated with creating their own stores. But much more important is what we call audience interpenetration.

Imagine a situation where one hundred projects bring 460 people each from their own audiences to Hamster Marketplace, offering an easy and convenient way to acquire their products. And these newly minted manufacturers are not just working to further their own product, but also supporting their neighbors: almost all vendors who will operate on Hamster Marketplace have audiences with similar interests. But most important is that the platform will host real manufacturers with their own products, not first-stage startups.

If we reframe this situation in numbers, we have 276 thousand users from just 600 vendors (if funds raised during the crowdsale reach a soft cap of $2 million). According to our estimates, each user will make 0.4 purchases per year, which puts the retail volume of the marketplace for the same period at $14.35 million. If we raise $7 million, we get 900 vendors and an initial audience of 414 thousand buyers (0.5 purchases per person), which gives $26.91 million in sales volume in the first year. As you can see, the higher the number of vendors, the more active the users, due to the exchange of experience and opinions.  

From Early Adopters to a Wide Audience

The audience for any project always begins from some core or backbone, which we talked about earlier in attracting the audiences of the vendors themselves. The bigger and more numerous the core, the faster the service will grow and the more successful it will ultimately be. The size of the initial audience at a project’s launch determines how many people will use the service at its peak popularity. Of course, there are known exceptions, where individual projects and their audiences grew practically without end, but in Hamster Marketplace’s case, with it being a niche project, that is physically impossible.

Early adopters on their own are insufficient to form a fully fledged audience, but it is their level of engagement that demonstrates how much the project can be trusted. The average consumer is suspicious and skittish: it’s risky to buy something on a new platform, especially when eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress are right there. It will be the initial audience from vendors that will facilitate the necessary trust in the platform, which will transform into trust from the average consumer.

Classic marketing tools will play a sizable role in this process. Hamster Marketplace is not against using “common” tools for generating leads, using context advertising, spots on mass media, overviews, and other mechanisms for increasing the audience. However, advertising cannot be effective without a real user experience from early users, which the general public can use to make their decision that the platform is worth its attention and trust. To sum up, we are considering the following channels for attracting users:

  •         the manufacturers’ own audience (about 460 people per vendor);
  •         the audience overlap effect due to similar views and interests;
  •         classic lead generation tools;
  •         a competitive and transparent mechanism for the marketplace’s operations.

The only possible path for well-balanced development is to gradually transition from the vendors’ individual audiences to a monolithic community of buyers, a portion of whom came directly from outside.

Internal Mechanics of Hamster Marketplace

Establishing a trusting relationship between buyer and seller is extremely important, but it’s even better when both also have “fallback” systems that are regulated by the marketplace itself as an impartial and independent actor.

We believe that one of the advantages of Hamster Marketplace for buyers will be the blockchain-based intelligent delivery and defect monitoring systems. Why blockchain? First and foremost, because the blockchain is an unchangeable structure that eliminates the very possibility of outside tampering. Blockchain guarantees to buyers that they will receive only complete and truthful information on the manufacturer, and to manufacturers that their merits and flawless work will not remain hidden.

Product uniqueness, transparent operations, and honesty toward users are the principles governing how the decentralized retail platform Hamster Marketplace operates. And it is these three principles, along with the marketing steps and mechanisms for attracting an audience described above, that will underpin the marketplace’s inevitable success with buyers and tech fans.

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Multiversum: Relations for Complex Entities


Multiversum was developed to tackle the elephant in the room: the simplistic nature of first generation blockchain. While blockchain has some amazing features – immutability, transparency and security – it has major issues in terms of scalability and speed.

Recent high-profile examples showcased the inefficiencies of the technology. In December, CrypoKitties exposed the fragility of Ethereum, often banded the super computer of blockchain. The entire platform ground to a halt as the craze for CryptoKitties skyrocketed for a few weeks, and then just as suddenly disappeared from view. Transaction speeds were killed and fees climbed dramatically.

Multiversum founder and visionary Andrea Taini discovered blockchain and could see its attraction. “But I could also see its limitations.” he says. “Organizations such as government or large corporates have complex systems with myriad layers of data distributed across the ecosystem. Data is the lifeblood of any corporate but it is not laid out in neat lines of blocks. It is meshed throughout the systems with complex relational links. This is where blockchain falls down. It is not mature or sophisticated enough to work with multilayered companies.”

Taini developed Multiversum technology to address this. The Multiversum blockchain pushes traditional blockchain beyond its current limits, by enhancing the data layer through self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to another by symbolic links.

This technology set the foundations for a decentralized and distributed system of coherent self-verifying transactions: Multiversum blockchain.

Multiversum allows, instead of the existing blockchain simple data model, the creation of a Relational Crypto Database (an advanced and organized data storage solution) which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data grouped in graphs of complex data structures related to one another. Relations are now the first-class citizens of the blockchain and are assured by cryptographic methods.

Therefore, Multiversum is an evolved blockchain technology, offering unique features to overcome the previously analyzed inconveniences, with a set a crypto-validation and distribution techniques fit for every environment: administrative, industrial, financial and governmental.

Find out more from the team themselves on their Telegram channel.

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XinFin’s XDC Protocol to provide smart-contracts for Bitcoin and upcoming National cryptocurrencies


XinFin Hybrid Blockchain network, which is going through third week of it’s token sale today announced that it’s XDC protocol is equipped to support existing FIAT payment methods, Bitcoin BTC and upcoming nationally issued cryptocurrencies on it’s platform.

The XDC protocol will also support Ripple’s XRP, Litecoin LTC and Bitcoincash BCH, the four very liquid cryptocurrencies that do not provide smart-contracts capabilities currently.

XinFin is the first of it’s kind hybrid blockchain protocol forked from ethereum and quorum. It is architected to work on PBFT+stake based consensus and clocks 500 TPS currently aiming to clock 2000 TPS by year end. It is aimed at serving the $50 trillion global trade and finance market with it’s marketplace bringing together global trade associations, buyers, suppliers and financiers as well as the regulatory bodies.

Global trade ecosystem today lacks a credible platform for cross border secure smart contracts, instant payments and mitigation of counter party risks and provision of credit collaterals using digital assets. XinFin’s XDC protocol and the marketplace has already rolled out minimum viable product that has completed over 10+ pilot projects successfully. The utilization of funds from the token sale will be utilized for ecosystem expansion and growing institutional partnerships.

XinFin has rolled out XDCE, an ERC 20 token with a swappable ratio of 1:1 with XDC protocol that will have more liquidity and wider reach in global markets. It has already raised over $3.5 Million including private sale, institutional contribution and it’s ongoing ICO.

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Harrisburg University backed Thought Network launches Pre-ICO on 1st of March, 2018


Problems with the current data industry

On 1969 humans landed on the Moon for the first time. Now, less than 50 years later the smartphones in our pockets are over 100 million times more powerful than the computers used on the famous Apollo missions. The incredible advancements in technology have truly taken humans to the next level.

But, with the improvements in technology, there’s also an enormous influx of new data generated. There are over 900 million text messages sent every hour, over 4 million videos watched on Youtube every minute and people nowadays have to deal with over 100 million spam emails every minute. As you might see, we create A LOT of data, and by 2025 the annual data creation will be ten times the amount of the data produced currently.

With that much data produced, our current methods will no longer be viable. We’ll end up in a landscape littered with information while not having sufficient intelligence to process all of it. Already, even the most complex and intelligent AI and data systems struggle to deal with all of the data we create. By 2025 humans will generate over 160,000,000,000,000 GB of data and only 20% of it will be analyzed.

The patented technology of Thought Network tackles the problem from a completely new angle

Thought is a blockchain and AI company backed by Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. While most AI and big data businesses still focus on handling larger and larger amounts of data, Thought’s patented technology takes an entirely new approach – it makes data smart.

By embedding every small bit of data with artificial intelligence, Thought can make ordinary data, that needs applications to become valuable, aware of its origin, its purpose and makes it able to act on its own to complete its task. This new way reduces the need for traditional applications, making data processing cheaper and faster. Instead of communicating with different applications, data can communicate with other pieces of data directly.

“At some point in the future, our current methods of handling data will no longer be feasible to cope with the ever-growing amount of information generated by humanity.” says the CEO of Thought, Professor Andrew Hacker, who has researching and developing the concept of smart data and algorithms for the past six years.

“Smart Data allows us to create a completely new paradigm of active data, where we can do everything more efficiently, intelligently, quickly and securely. Because of our ability to embed intelligence into pieces of data itself, we have the potential to revolutionize both AI and the process by which artificial intelligence is taught.”

By integrating blockchain technology with Smart Data, Thought can make AI more accessible, transparent and above all more secure.

“Every small piece of Smart Data is secured with multi-level encryption. Being able to secure individual bits of data is the Holy Grail of cybersecurity.” Continues Professor Hacker, who, in addition to running Thought Network, is a cybersecurity expert in residence at Harrisburg University.

Thought Network’s unique angle on the increasing data problem has granted Andrew Hacker and his company a US patent.

Thought Network is working closely with Harrisburg University

“We’re proud of Andrew’s accomplishments and are honored to have him as a valuable member of Harrisburg University,” says Dr. Eric Darr, the President of Harrisburg University, which is one of Thought’s equity partners. “We came to believe that Mr. Hacker’s technology had significant promise. Therefore, HU has been pleased to financially support the involvement of many computer science students in the further development of the latest Thought Network technology.”

“Mr. Hacker’s patent shows the community that the University supports local people doing great things, and it gives our students a great example of what you can accomplish in the growing field of technology.”

Dr. Darr continued, “The upcoming release of this new technology, Thought Blockchain, and its applications for businesses and consumers in artificial intelligence and analytics represents the bleeding edge of innovation. Harrisburg University looks forward to continuing its work with Mr. Hacker and Thought Network as they continue developing new and valuable technology.”

Building something as complex as Thought requires a dedicated and brilliant team

Thought’s team consists of over 15 well-educated and experienced members, and they have a knowledgeable and impressive board of advisors, ranging from a retired Army Colonel to PhDs in AI, Biochemistry and Computer Science, and many more.

“Coming up with the idea was the easy part, building the technology and taking it to the point it affects the broader scale is the difficult part. But thanks to our incredible team, we have moved at an exponential pace towards the completion of our project. It’s a spectacular thing to witness how we are able to collectively knock down obstacle after obstacle.” Talks Andrew Hacker. “There will always be technical hurdles to overcome, which is exactly why we are doing this – because that part is fun! Whatever hurdles there may be, we are ready!”

Thought ICO

Now, on the final stretch of getting their MVP ready, Thought is launching an ICO on the 1st of March. The ICO will last for one month, with the pre-ICO lasting from 1-13 of March and the ICO taking place from 14-31 of March. Participants in the whitelist receive a 30% bonus, the pre-ICO receive a 15% bonus, and ICO participants gain 5-10% bonus on their token purchase.

“As you know driving adoption isn’t easy. We are spreading the word about Thought by developing partnerships with educational establishments, business organizations and industry experts, building communities around Thought Network concepts and educating developers on building on top of the Thought platform, “, explains Prof. Hacker about how they’ll utilize their funding. “Also, to truly build a widely used and comprehensive platform, we need constant innovation, adding more possibilities and functions. “

Thought Network has a rich native token economy with its native utility token THT. THT is awarded for mining on the Thought blockchain as well as for developing applications and giving access to data streams and repositories. These tokens can be used to purchase information, data insight and to use different data models and applications on the network.

Learn more about Thought Network’s ICO:

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Viola.AI Announces Worldwide Community-Choice Campaign for The Name, Look and Persona for The World’s Smartest Love Advisor


SINGAPORE, 28 Feb 2018 – The world’s first Blockchain & AI driven Marketplace for love, Viola.AI is the solution to the current dating and relationships challenges worldwide. She will be the first dating and relationship A.I. that evolves with the users to help them in the stages of dating, couple-hood to marriage. Viola.AI will serve users from helping people find love, helping romance blossom, and helping sustain the relationship right till their twilight years.

The team of Viola.AI, who is also behind the dating giant Lunch Actually Group with over 14 years of success record and regional presence in Asia, has sold out their pre-sale 5 days early back in January 2018 and recently clinched The Investors Awards win at the prestigious d10e ICO Pitching Competition in Cayman Islands.

As the next move in a series of major initiatives, Viola.AI announced that it will give the power to the community to choose and vote for the name, look, and persona for its future lifetime A.I Advisor in a campaign targeting the worldwide community.

The campaign is aimed to decentralize and empower the strong and passionate Viola.AI community to decide on the A.I that they will use once the MVP is launched in May 2018.

With this decentralization initiative, the worldwide community will get to choose and vote for the name for their future lifetime A.I Advisor, how she would look, as well as her key personality traits in different cultures and communities.

Co-Founder and CEO of Viola.AI, Violet Lim, said, “Our passionate and growing community is the key driver to the success of our project, and we are thankful to have such dedicated community members who have been very vocal in showing their support and what Viola.AI means to them. We want our A.I to be used by all people from different cultures, different nationalities and different creeds. And that is why we are giving the power and opportunity to our community to let them decide on the name for the World’s Smartest Love Advisor.”

Viola.AI, who is currently gearing towards its public sale on 14 March 2018, will be launching the Community-Choice campaign after the token sale is concluded.

Harnessing on AI, blockchain technology and trustless smart contracts, Viola.AI is equipped with several core capabilities:

The Smartest Love AI: Provides highly personalized matching and discreet relationship advices which evolves according to the user’s relationship status by employing A.I. with personalised machine learning engine and natural language empathy. Viola.AI will be trained by the Group’s 13 years of accumulated service experience, 3500 datasets and 1.1 billion data points.

Real ID verification: Protects users with visual recognition technology. The deployment of decentralized system and blockchain technology enables high security and authentication of users, preventing any identity theft and protecting against data tampering and the infrastructure of Viola.AI.

Community Support: Offers strong community support via crowd wisdom with quality content and advice that addresses user’s enquiry. Viola.AI will reward users for their good and helpful advice.

Recommended-based marketplace: Provides timely recommendations to address each user’s needs for goods and services from merchants, experts and service providers.

Secure smart wallets and contract system: All transactions within Viola.AI are controlled by a secure wallet and smart contracts to ensure that users can interact and transact with contributors and merchants at ease as all parties will receive the agreed-upon revenue share or commissions.  

With the strong team of Viola.AI as well as their line-up of ICO Advisors, ranging from serial entrepreneurs, blockchain and investment specialists, to tech investors with huge network, the team is confident to achieve their mission of changing the world, one relationship at a time and positively impacting billions of people worldwide. The company’s co-founders Violet Lim and Jamie Lee have successfully built Asia’s dating giant for the past 14 years and their ICO Advisors include:

  • Prakash Somosundram, Serial Entrepreneur, Fintech Influencer, Singapore Government Advisor
  • Kenneth Tan, Co-Founder of FundYourselfNow and Blockchain Writer
  • Alex Haxton, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Consultant
  • Peter Sin, Co-Founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club
  • Caleb Yap, Co-Founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club
  • Brian Condenanza, ICO Advisor, Blockchain and Bitcoin Early Adopter
  • Phillippe Rodriguez, President of Bitcoin Association in France and founder of Avolta Partner
  • Michael Reece, Blockchain entrepreneur and Co-Founder of NicheAdNetwork
  • Bruno Vanryb, Serial Entrepreneur who founded Avanquest, a listed and global software publisher
  • Hong Ting Wong, early adopter of cryptocurrencies, a serial entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Botbot.AI and 2359 Media
  • Lisa Clampitt, Founder and President of Matchmaking Institute in New York
  • Dato Larry Gan Nyap Liou, Managing Partner at Accenture for 16 years, invested and worked with innovative technologies
  • Warren Whitlock, top social influencer in blockchain space

Community users as well as the public can find out more about the community-choice campaign or about Viola.AI at the next AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Facebook Live on Friday, 9 Mar 2018 at 9am – 10am (UTC+8) where co-founders Jamie and Violet will answer any questions they might have about the project. Users can join in and ask questions to the team via Telegram or Facebook.

For more information on Viola.AI and to join the whitelist, visit

Join the discussion on Viola.AI Telegram:

About Viola.AI

Viola.AI is an ever-improving, decentralized and secure A.I. Driven Marketplace that gives data-driven advice, recommendations, concierge and matches to help singles to be effective and efficient in finding love while also helping couples to sustain and better their relationships with their significant other.

Press Contact

Christina Thung

Head of PR

Viola.AI community: Telegram

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Blockchain Powered 3D and VR Open Source Platform MARK.SPACE Announces the Launch of CRYPTO.VALLEY Virtual City


MARK.SPACE, a blockchain powered ecosystem for the creation of all types of VR/3D projects, has just launched their new virtual infrastructure project called CRYPTO.VALLEY.  The creators claim that this new project will be a comprehensive and distinctive 3D and VR-compatible virtual city that will serve as an interactive hub of information for the crypto enthusiasts.  

28th February, 2018

MARK.SPACE is delighted to announce the mega launch of CRYPTO.VALLEY, a new virtual infrastructure project that promises to be a cynosure of the global crypto community as an interactive and informational pool. In its fully functional form, CRYPTO.VALLEY will be a virtual city completely compatible with the 3D and VR technologies.

MARK.SPACE was unveiled recently as a 3D and VR open source platform, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to deliver a user-friendly tool for the creation and implementation of all types of VR/3D projects. All projects on this unique ecosystem can be accessed through any web-browser, and without using any specialized VR equipment. Moreover, unlike all existing VR platforms, the virtual spaces on this platform can be visited without paying any membership fees. Most importantly, there is no need for the users to understand even the basics of programming to create VR-compatible web-spaces.   

With its four thematic districts, viz. shopping, business, residential, and community, MARK.SPACE creates an opportunity for the users to visit virtualized copies of actual locations such as apartments, offices, fan clubs, and fashion boutiques. Business owners and freelancers will be able to utilize this platform to generate an income stream and turn virtual services into sold goods.

The CRYPTO.VALLEY project will be a key component of the MARK.SPACE ecosystem, offering a virtually rendered platform for socioeconomic interactions. There is a high likelihood that this platform will be of much interest to all the key players of the global crypto community including the blockchain developers, crypto-exchanges, foundations and associations, protocols, mining equipment manufacturers, advisors and experts, crypto-bloggers, and gadget showrooms. The MARK.SPACE team is confident that their latest venture will immensely benefit the crypto or blockchain projects, crypto-banks, VCs, crypto funds, and all other crypto enthusiasts.  

The MARK.SPACE team, for the ease of understanding, refers to CRYPTO.VALLEY as a “3D and VR-compatible Reddit, BitcoinTalk, KickStarter or Crypto Wikipedia.” The team informs that this platform is intended to help users accumulate advertising traffic and serve as a platform for expertise. The former is particularly important as this will open up a completely new paradigm in terms of audience loyalty and customer satisfaction.

“We believe that the virtual city will soon become the central visual point and reputational playground for crypto businesses and individuals: an opportunity for projects to present themselves in 3D and/or VR format,” said a senior member of the MARK.SPACE team.  

MARK.SPACE has just started accepting applications for admission to their just launched Valley community. Interested parties can send in their applications by visiting the new landing page of the project at

Starting from April, 2018, MARK.SPACE will start the allocation of virtual properties and addresses alongside other districts as per the company’s development roadmap.

To find out more about MARK.SPACE, please visit


MARK.SPACE is a new generation of the Internet: compatible websites that, on the one hand are independent (since they have their own domain) and on the other are united by a common transaction and accounting system on the Blockchain and a global search engine. In addition, any user can visit and even have his own the 3D / VR / AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) space inside the universe MARK.SPACE for free.

Contact: Utushkin Vladislav, CMO MARK.SPACE



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Skychain Global Looks to Save Millions of People from Mistaken Diagnoses Utilizing Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain


Skychain Global, for the first time in Russia, has successfully conducted a test of the artificial intelligence system for medical diagnostics, comparing the number of errors committed by the living doctors. This infrastructure blockchain project is aimed at helping doctors and patients have accurate diagnoses.

28th February, 2018

Skychain Global is pleased to reveal that they have just concluded a test of their artificial intelligence system by comparing the number of errors committed by the living doctors while carrying out medical diagnostics. Interestingly, this is the first ever test of its kind to be conducted in Russia. An infrastructure blockchain project, Skychain is dedicated to providing an infrastructure to radically increase the efficiency of healthcare AI development and training.

There is no denying the fact that the field of medical sciences have experienced significant progress over the years. However, human beings are not perfect, and hence, are prone to errors. Unfortunately, just like many years ago, doctors still make mistakes in medical diagnosis. Recent statistical figures suggest that medical errors are the third most common cause of death in the US, after old age and oncology. As an example, it has been argued that doctors fail to diagnose 70% of lung cancer of the first stage on a radiograph.

Experts suggest that the groundbreaking AI technology can help detect a very high percentage of cases that even the best of human doctors fail to diagnose. Skychain Global is in the process of developing a platform on the blockbuster that promises to drastically increase the efficiency and accuracy of artificial intelligence in medicine, by securely uniting all participants in the process of building computer intelligence. The core idea of ​​Skychain is to unite a single smart contract between the owners of big-data in the field of medicine, AI developers and consumers.

Skychain was founded by a successful businessman in the field of IT, with support from experts in the field of artificial intelligence and healthcare partners across the globe. The project team has already developed a prototype system and published its source code on GitHub. On February 20, the prototype system was tested in diagnostics. A few neural networks hosted on Skychain diagnosed melanoma, breast cancer, and heart diseases more accurately compared to the human doctors.   

A short video of the event is available at

Interestingly, the system was found to deliver wrong results for 4% to 14% of cases, compared to 18% to 32% of cases diagnosed wrongly by the doctors. Moreover, Skychain spent an average of 0.1 seconds for each diagnosis, while the doctors required around 20-30 seconds. The findings of the test clearly indicate that the advent of artificial intelligence in medicine will save the lives of millions of people every year.

The testing of the Skychain Global system was carried out under the active participation of several top notch doctors, medical professionals, and healthcare professionals.

“Your developments are very relevant; they will be primarily useful for screening,” said Volgin Valeriy Nikolaevich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, and dermatologist.

“A modern, unique project, which has no analogues in practical medicine. The project provides a preliminary assessment of the pathological process in different branches of medicine with artificial intelligence,” feels Ovsyannikova Maria Romanovna, a renowned doctor, pathologist, oncomorphologist, and forensic medical expert. “This function can be used by both patients and practitioners. The development of such technologies is necessary and inevitable in modern medicine.”  

Another top notch doctor and anaesthesiology, resuscitation, and ECG diagnostics expert Golikov Maxim Alekseevich said, “At a minimum, similar studies involving artificial intelligence are ancillary support for the doctor. The program issues a decision that can draw the doctor’s attention, and perhaps make a different decision.”

Highlighting her experience of participating in the trial, noted dermatologist Sadovskaya Maria Valeryevna said, “The competition of doctors with artificial intelligence is quite a new thing for us. For me, the assignment was not difficult, but very useful. It was nice that dermatologists responded best and at the end I just lost 2 points to artificial intelligence.”

In its initial stage, Skychain Global is focused solely on medical diagnostics with the help of AI at the level of the doctors.  However, the accumulation of medical big-data in a single ecosystem of machine learning promises to provide unprecedented opportunities in the near future. AI can estimate the effectiveness of drugs and treatment regimens based on a billion case histories, independently discover new diseases, develop the most effective treatment regimens for a particular patient, and even, perhaps, develop new drugs and approaches. Skychain project can make this a reality by uniting all in a single ecosystem offering a huge array of medical data available for training neural networks.

More about Skychain Global can be found at

About Skychain Global:

Skychain is an infrastructure blockchain project aimed to host, train and use artificial neural networks (ANNs) by market participants. In its initial phase, the project will be devoted only to medicine to help doctors and patients have accurate diagnoses using this system. Each member of the ecosystem will provide his/her resources and thus create a product that is ahead of any competitor’s. In its turn, the system will reward each participant with high benefits.


Gennady Popov

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This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.


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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Acronyms


Cryptocurrency represents an environment that is constantly growing and changing. As this ecosystem evolves and becomes increasingly complex, so does the jargon used most frequently in conversation. Acronyms play a large role in cryptocurrency dialogue, and without knowledge of the terms they refer to, it can be difficult to follow the information being shared. Here are ten of the most popular cryptocurrency acronyms that everyone should have knowledge of.

10. OTC

“Over the counter” refers to a method of trading that bypasses an exchange service. With OTC trading, buyers and sellers instead agree upon an exchange rate for a set amount of currency and, often with the help of a trusted third-party escrow, transact with one another directly. OTC trading is often prevalent among teams buying or selling to and from large, private investors, so as to not disrupt the market for their coin.

Before RaiBlocks was listed on an exchange, it was traded OTC on Bitcointalk for over a year.

9. GPU

A graphics processing unit is a computer component traditionally responsible for rapid and efficient creation and display of images, and often utilized to aid in PC gaming. However, GPUs play a very important role in a number of cryptocurrencies that utilize Proof-of-Work algorithms geared toward the processing strategies imposed by GPUs. As a result, there has been much tension lately between gamers and cryptocurrency miners, as the growth of cryptocurrency has led to an unprecedented demand for GPUs, which caused a shortage of units available to gamers as well as rapidly increasing costs for the hardware that is available.

I have just assembled my GPU mining rig, which I will use to mine Ethereum and Monero.

8. ATH

An all time high is the absolute maximum price that a coin has attained. It can be expressed in terms of either BTC or USD. Of course, one of the greatest feelings in cryptocurrency trading is holding a coin until it achieves a new ATH. Alternatively, seeing a coin drop significantly from its ATH for a sustained period of time is one of the worst feelings.

If Bitcoin can appreciate past US$20,000, it will achieve a new ATH.

7. DEX

Decentralized exchanges are often referred to as the future of cryptocurrency trading. As traditional, centralized exchanges have continually failed its users due to hacks, poor support, lack of scaling, regulatory changes, and other issues, much of the cryptocurrency community has looked to DEX solutions as structural fixes to these perpetual issues. On a DEX, buyers and sellers maintain ownership of their funds, and the DEX simply serves as a facilitator of direct trades between buyers and sellers.

The Counterparty DEX sees a lot of activity from Pepecash users exchanging Rare Pepes with one another.

6. BCH

Bitcoin Cash, and more specifically, its acronym, have been the subject of much controversy. There has been a popular campaign by BCH skeptics to refer to the Bitcoin fork as BCash, rather than Bitcoin Cash. This has sparked much backlash from Bitcoin Cash supporters and even the CEO of the coin, Roger Ver, who view the BCash campaign as a malicious attack on the BCH community.

I can’t believe I was able to receive so much Bitcoin from the BCH I received after the fork!

5. FUD

“Fear, uncertainty and doubt” refers to the practices of bad actors to drive the price of a coin down for one reason or another. FUD often takes the form of misconstrued or even blatantly incorrect news shared to convince holders of a coin to sell off their holdings. For example, the false news spread about China banning Bitcoin was FUD.

Don’t listen to this troll telling you X is going to fail. He is only spreading FUD!


The fear of missing out represents the inverse of FUD, as it is a similar practice employed to instead drive the price of a coin upwards. FOMO takes the form of hype, both natural and orchestrated, breaking news, and sharp price movements. FOMO is blamed as the driving force behind unsuccessful investors purchasing a coin at its ATH, who are then stuck with a bag of a coin they likely didn’t do enough research on that is now worth far less than the initial investment.

The 50% jump in the past hour can be attributed to FOMO setting in following the huge announcement from earlier today.

3. ICO

ICO, or Initial coin offering, is perhaps the most widely spread acronym in cryptocurrency. ICO represents the crowdfunding approach to launches and relaunches of cryptocurrencies. For a majority of new projects, their future success is primarily dependent upon the results of their ICO. While there was once a time when the ICO tag carried a negative connotation, the overwhelming use of this system now overshadows the criticisms of skeptics of this approach to funding.

The year-long EOS ICO is the largest to date, and has raised close to US$1 billion.


“Buy the F***ing Dip” is a trading method that simply involves buying a coin that has just seen a sharp drop. Coins that experience these dips are often referred to as oversold, likely due to a piece of FUD that had a large influence. However, sometimes these dips are natural, and those people who BTFD can still find themselves at a loss, forced to instruct the next wave of buyers to BTFD at the next drop. The fiery connotation is largely attributed to the sentiment that supporters of a coin are passionate about seeing its price recover as soon as possible.

Ethereum dipped 20% due to FUD news. Tomorrow the price will be back to normal, so now is the time to BTFD.


“Do your own research” is perhaps the most universal advice throughout cryptocurrency trading, and in a broader context, investing in general. DYOR suggests that financial decisions should take place only after the individual uses due diligence to DYOR so they can be sure they are not being manipulated by FUD, FOMO, or some other act of spreading malicious or simply misguided information. The one commonality among all successful traders is they all take the time to DYOR.

I think that this coin is a great investment and has a great future. However, I advise you to DYOR before you make any decisions.

Bonus: Hodl

Hodl is technically not an acronym. Its origin is a drunken Bitcointalk forum post from December 2013 as the BTC price was crashing from the then-ATH of about US$1,000. Since that post, hodl became a joke spread throughout the entire community, and its prevalence has not ceased since. Recently, a sentiment has developed that suggests HODL stands for “hold on for dear life”. While this is not historically accurate, it does align with the context in which it is often used throughout the community. Hodl has even gained notoriety as the content behind a popular rap parody, HODL GANG.



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