Forex FAP Turbo Evolution Review


Even though the first version of their trading robot has been working profitably, the FAPTurbo programming team consisting of Mike, Ulrich and Steve Carletti have managed to enhance the settings of the original version to come up with an enhanced trading software called FAP Turbo Evolution. It is set to become another one of the largest launches in Forex products, with over 43,000 traders waiting to get it first on its release date.

1. Why is this Enhanced FAP Turbo Evolution Trading Robot Created?

The main purpose of this program is to allow clients to have a plug-in software that trades on a platform with extremely low spreads. This evolution edition has the capability to continue using the MetaTrader 4 platform, but rather than executing actual trades on it, it sends them over to another new platform that offers the lowest spreads in the industry. This is to make the overall profitability higher by avoiding brokers who attempt to widen their spreads and make the robot ineffective.

2. Can You Use the FAP Turbo Swiss Robot if You Have No Experience with Trading Currencies?

One of the main objectives of the FAPTurbo team was also to make this software as easy to use as possible. The latest version only requires the user to download the installation file, following the step-by-step instructions to install the robot and adjust some of its settings in order to profit from it. Many beta testers who have absolutely no knowledge or experience with currency trading have managed to produce results that are just as impressive as the more professional beta testing traders.

Even though it is a plug and play system, it is still recommended that users occasionally check on the robot's performance and the trades it is executing to ensure that it is working properly at all times.


Source by William Barnes

Increase Price – Reduce Customer Costs


If you are in a business to business environment one way to successfully implement a price increase is to more than offset your increase with costs you save your customer. Here are a few ideas on how you can implement this strategy to gain value for you and your customer.

Can you re-engineer your product to run more efficiently through the production process of your customer?

Can you recycle your packaging and pay the customer for its recovery? I did this with wooden pallets we used to transport Acrylic sheet and we recovered more than £100,000 per year in pallet costs and also eliminated a major disposal problem for the customer.

Can you ensure JIT (Just in Time) delivery so the customer saves on storage space and only pays for product immediately needed in their production? A simple way to run this is by pallets rotating from supplier to consumer. Once a pallet is empty i.e. the product has been used, it is returned on the next delivery to the supplier who immediately fills it. A pallet already filled is immediately despatched back to the customer. This can be operated at the shop floor level in a very efficient way and is simplicity itself. Your customer is never out of stock and you can reward the shop floor managers at the end of the year for their faultless operation of the pallet replacement system.

Can you use social media communication to explain to the end user why the increase is required? Your customer will then find their market well prepared for their own price increase on the back of yours. Direct contact with end users is an increasingly powerful means of marketing. Encourage feedback so you instantly have a gauge of market reaction. This can be shared with your customers to ensure you are all in step with what the market thinks.

Put the customer and your Production Directors in regular contact so they can share best practice. They will also let off steam by mutually moaning about the problems caused to them by their respective sales and marketing staff. The closer your working cooperation with each customer, the less likely you are to lose them at this critical time.

Top tips: Create a win – win situation for you and your customer. Find ways to save them money and help them implement the price increase with their customers.


Source by Mike Ellacott

Why You Should Use A Tax Rebate Calculator To Determine Your Refund


In the past, people who wanted to know if they qualified for a tax refund had to do many manual calculations. However nowdays, things are much simpler; with the tax rebate calculator, knowing whether or not you are due a tax refund is as easy as spending the money itself. However, there are some people who still hesitate to use it and they choose to go the manual way instead. In this article, I would like us to look at some of the reasons why you should use this calculator when you can.


The first reason why you should use this machine when determining whether or not HM Revenue and Customs owes you some money is because it is very speedy. It can be very difficult for a human being to do all the calculations that relate to the benefits, allowances, and tax payments of a whole year. However, the calculator will not find this to be a big problem since all the required formulas have been keyed into it.


The other reason why it is advisable to use a tax rebate calculator when trying to determine how much the Revenue and Customs commissions owes you, is because doing so will help you to do a very accurate job. The good thing with the calculator is that you will not really have to worry about the human errors in calculations. All the formulas have already been entered into the system and all that remains for you is to key in the variables. The good thing is that the calculator is usually revised every now and then to ensure that it consistently gives accurate results, taking into account the various changes that have occurred in the law.


The other reason why the tax rebate calculator is such an indispensable tool is that it is extremely convenient for those people who would like to tell whether or not the Revenue and Customs commission owes them anything. You will not need to worry about carrying several facts with you; all that will be needed for you are a few variables that are very easy to remember and keep track of. Therefore, if you are a person who loves convenience then this is a great option to go with.

When choosing tax rebate calculator to go with, I would advise you to go with that which is online based. This is because it will be very easy for the designers and the makers of the same to make any adjustments with the changes in the law.


Source by David Desouza

Spread Betting – Calculating Your Win / Loss


Spread betting is considered by many to be a fun way to speculate on the performance of various financial markets. It is a very high octane pastime that allows for vast wins and lossesrought about by turbulent markets – especially with the way things are at this precise moment. The more turbulent a market is, the more scope there will be for changes in price movements. For example the oil price changes constantly and is effected by pretty much every piece of data that is released.

The return of a spread bet is a simple calculation. Many people refuse from spread betting because they consider it to be too complicated to get involved with. Although some aspects of it are rather complex, the process of calculating a win or loss is very straight forward. Just simply take the stake per point and multiply it by the movement in price. For example if you had placed a bet on gold at £ 10 a point and it moved against you by 100 points, you would be liable for a £ 1000 lost. If the market had gone in your favor by 80 points, you would be £ 800 up!

There are a number of spread betting companies on the market that are happy to take your bet, although some are more popular than others. The largest company is IG Index and it has been operating for nearly 40 years. Another big player is Worldspreads, a company that offers platinum account holders 0% spreads on many different markets. City Index, Capital Spreads and Intertrader are some of the other market leaders. Different firms offer their most competitive spreads on particular markets and is can definitely be worth signing up with all of the big players to take advantage of the preferential spreads they offer on different markets.

As we mentioned, spread betting is a high risk way to bet on the markets and losses can build up, just as quickly as a win can. Due to the nature of it and with it being a leveraged product, it is very feasible for you to lose far in excess of the amount you deposited into your account. The majority of traders will henceforth employ a stop loss facility on every position they open. A stop loss is an automatic facility that will come into effect once the price of an under asset asset moves to a point that you have stipulated. For example, you could set up a stop loss to automatically close your position once the market moves £ 1 against you.


Source by Marcus Holland